Monday, June 12, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Six or so weeks! But who's counting. We are on the downhill slide now, and it's a wonderful feeling. We had a high counselor in church today remind us how missionary work is now sharing the gospel which is now sharing the restored gospel. Words are important. I hope the words in this weekly epistle bring you a bit of joy, and fond feelings for your family. We love you dearly!

Your cousin Mitchell had his farewell talk and gathering today. He leaves this week.

Other cousin news involves Emma. Her rugby team is competing for the first time ever in the MIAA Division I State Championship game. Go Algonquin T-Hawks, my old Alma mater.

Miller wants to know if you "ordered" his soccer jersey yet?

Do you still get blog updates or do I need to copy them to send to you?

I was thinking of sending you to Boston to see your grandparents, as well as you and Breyer to Ohio for a weekend. Any thoughts? Also, that you'll probably be flying to BYU since Dad's spent enough time in a car.

As you know your father and I spent the last week in Fort Collins, babysitting Uncle Zach's six children while they enjoyed a cruise through California and Mexico's Pacific coasts. I volunteered for my Mary Poppins job, as your younger siblings have not had the cousin connections you had while growing up. And connected we are. It was a delightful experience. Alara, the 18 month old baby, never cried or whined. And she was smart. She would answer my questions, follow me like a shadow, and was always obedient. Lincoln (3) is like a Star Wars ewok. Very lovable, very much into food, always answers, "I will!" And he does. He would do anything that I asked him, very cheerfully. Ruth (5) and Breyer were joined at the hip. We didn't interact as much, as she was always very busy with your sister, but she's adorable. And very sweet. Kenny, or Mac (7) is a lot like Porter, the third boy. That made dealing with him very easy. He's truth, justice, and the fair way. And if you listen and help, he melts. And he's spunky. David (9) reminds me of you, boy #2, stuck in the middle, gets along with everyone, and knows how to show love. Gabe (11) and Miller were joined at the shoulders. They thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other better.

Your father introduced them to the joys of the corn dog, chauffeured them to the pool daily, took them to a fancy popcorn store, and lead in scripture reading reminders. He's traveled from Atlanta to New York to Boston, one day in his bed, then off to Colorado. Now that we're home? Two days in his bed and off to scout camp in the morning. We knew June would be busy, but it's been crazy!

I spent 12 hours at the baseball field, four games, two for each Sawyer and Miller. Their all star season is short, play as much as you can, if you're available, and have fun. The weather was beautiful, and the brothers did well. Batting last because he missed all the practices while we were away, Miller hit a home run his first time up to bat. Three RBI's. His team won both games, which just rank them for Sunday's tournament, but he's happy to help them get the better seed spot. He also pitched one inning. His team is crazy full of pitchers. He also played short stop, catcher, and first base. Sawyer lost and won one each; he played center field and short stop, and did well at bat. On a slide into third he had a glove full of dirt dumped on his face, and had to take a minute to clean out his contacts.

When I got home I found Breyer in bed with a fever. I suspected swimmer's ear, but walked away with a diagnosis of strep. Cooper got home today from his Jaguar and Hummer 4x4 challenge, held last week in Austin, and looked so pale. When he told me he had been sick while we were away, we hopped into the car and confirmed he too had strep. I think it's in the water!

Cooper's high school team had fun in Austin, and came home with third place, good enough to be invited to Abu Dhabi in September for the world finals. I don't know much about the challenge, only that the trials were held at the Circuit of the America's Racetrack in Austin, he melted plastic around a mold to get his vehicle design, created their team logo, and has to raise $20,000 to compete at the international level. Hopefully we'll be able to get some pictures of this past week from somewhere.

Porter spent the week in Tyler with Luke and family. He loves them dearly. They played a lot of basketball, spent time with Evan and a new game, and probably ate all of Aunt Janel's food. He made the drive alone, up and back, in one piece.

Until week five countdown, be safe.

Much love,


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