Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cousin Connections

I've enjoyed spending time here in Fort Collins. Growing up in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver, for seven years, makes this area very familiar. The houses in this neighborhood are the same age, the flowers my mother had planted are similar. There are no HOA rules, so campers are parked on every other driveway; boats every ten; gardens in the front yard very common. Every evening people are out walking their dogs, riding bikes; often I see people walking to work.

Compared to Fort Worth, Fort Collins is very tamed. Hippies and what my husband fondly calls Granolas, have settled the area and stayed. In a one block span I saw three men taking care of disabled children

My tie dyed theory is that the stability of the Rocky mountains have a very calming effect on those who live in their shadows. And those who choose to live here, enjoy the active lifestyle the mountains naturally promote.

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