Sunday, June 4, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, family and friends,

Belated Happy Memorial Day! While Porter and Dad were in the Boston temple, your Granbury contingency of family celebrated in a small way, going to Granbury's Field of Flags. We wanted to see the "Ruck March," but could never find the contingency marching back to the field. Next year we'll have to see them when they leave, as that's a sure time. Memorial Day weekend also brings to mind Baby Ben, as well as Tanner and AnneMarie's engagement.

We had a quiet week except for when Cooper was at school working on his remote control contest entry for next week or Miller and Sawyer were at baseball practice, The almost two-week-travelers arrived home late Thursday evening

We spent all of Saturday in the car driving to Colorado. I volunteered to watch Zach's six children while he took Alana on a cruise. They chose the California, Baja, Catalina version. I did this so our siblings could be around these cousins. #Family

I forgot how much I loved the mountains of my youth. Those Rockies are something else. Sandwiched between Miller and Breyer was actually rather fun. They're good travelers. Miller doesn't bring anything to do because he gets car sick, and Breyer packs things that really don't interest her, so we all just talked. And talked. And cuddled. Dad and Sawyer were in charge, piloting their pod casts they'd downloaded, and we all learned about a magician's tricks, Burke's Toms shoe story, ,and lots of entrepreneurial secrets. We arrived after 13 hours, about 9:30 p.m. their time, took a few showers, and went to bed. One in charge of another six children probably needs lots of sleep.

I met Alara (1) and Lincoln (3) over a bowl of Cheerios. They both communicate in grunts. Ruth (5) was the emcee. Five minutes later when Lincoln was spraying antibacterial spray on Alara's hair, I knew we were destined to become best friends. He's adorable. If I ask him to do ANY.THING he says, "I will!" And he does. When I asked him which vest he wanted, he was adamant about the Christmas versioin (see the red vest?)

After finding a secret stash of mint chocolate cookies in the baking cupboard, mint chocolate chips downstairs, and mint ice cream in the freezer, I have confirmed Alana is a mother after my own heart. And stomach.

Walking into church, with nine children, was just wonderful. We took up the whole pew. The kids were great. I had brought a few fruit snacks just in case, but didn't need them. Baby Alara fell asleep, Perfect. Lincoln and Sawyer bonded, especially after a bathroom run. Miller and Gabe (10) have been inseparable, just as Ruth and Breyer. Mac (7) and David (9) fit in with Sawyer. Family is great. Family is forever.

(Miller's so protective of Alara, it's sweet)

I called Porter today what he had for dinner last night, day one, and he said, "The barbecue chicken stuff." When I asked with what else, he said, 'The barbecue chicken stuff." No veggies, salad, potatoes, boys are funny that way.

Your cousin Abbey was a speaker at her recent graduation. I'm still trying to find out if it's for being #1 or #2 or class president, or something else.

Seven weeks or so. Count down has been going on over here. But, finish strong. Know of our love for you. Stay safe.


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What a fun road trip!