Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Family,

We had to give talks in Sacrament meeting, and AnneMarie's talk was wonderful. We spoke on becoming a Zion people and the Spirit was present in great abundance, thanks in part to a rousing, yet reverent version of “My Country tis of Thee” by the ward choir. I love it when we sing patriotic songs at church. I also loved being able to read the words of the Savior to the Nephites over the pulpit today. If people in the congregation were half as edified as I felt giving the talk then the talk was a success.

This week, like most weeks, I stay very busy: work from 8-5 (till 6 some days with the traffic), LSAT classes on Tuesday and Thursday till 10, and my online class to fill in the cracks. My spare time is taken up with dishes and other household tasks that need doing since AnneMarie often working as well! She’s still at Shirley’s Bakery, which I think she’s enjoyed more in recent days as she’s gotten some new co-workers and even found that her gruff manager has a couple of soft spots after all. Even though we have never been on such a busy schedule before, it’s safe to say that all of this has been extremely rewarding even if it has been exhausting.

Friday we stepped away from all these tasks for a movie night at Matt and Joanna’s. Originally we were going to watch outside, but the weather got blustery so they hung a sheet up on the inside and we enjoyed watermelon, cookies, popcorn, saltwater taffy and ice cream bars while catching a quick flick, Step Up 5. Nothing to say except that, while I recommend all of the above snacks, I do not recommend the movie.

Today, after our talks, we had Primary Singing Time for the third week in a row, but, in the words of Naomi, the kids weren’t even mad. I’m pretty sure AnneMarie is the most beloved Primary Chorister of all time. First she introduced “Solos for Rollo’s,” in which kids can get Rollo’s for singing that month’s song all by themselves. It’s a surprisingly huge hit. Today she brought in Skittles and had kids eat one and try to guess which flavor it was. If they were successful, they got to choose a song off the board and if they weren’t, AnneMarie chose the song. It’s a lot harder than you think to get the flavor right, as even several teachers discovered.

Tonight we’re heading over to Matt and Joanna’s again before they take off with Emerson to visit Europe for a month, lucky ducks. We’ll miss them while they’re gone. Good thing Dad now has FaceTime on his iPad. We have loved getting to chat with him face to face a couple of times this last week as he gallops around the East Coast with Porter. There’s always a smile on his face and that puts one on our faces as well!

Lastly, though our missionary efforts may have been in remission slightly for the last little bit here in Utah, I’m trying to get back in the game at work. There’s a young man there, about my age, who moved to Utah from Pennsylvania in the last eight months in search of a job. We’ve had several good talks over lunch or ping pong on gospel subjects ranging from what goes on in temples to why I served a mission and what that consisted of. I’m planning on inviting him to church ASAP because I think that’s what the Spirit wants me to do next.

Hope you all are well and find that the summer sunshine has arrived on your doorstep and windowsills at long last as it has ours,


Tanner and AnneMarie

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