Sunday, May 7, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you. I know it's a Mexican holiday but the movement is headed towards Brazil. Any parties?

The most interesting substitute job this week was the auto class at the high school. Thirty boys in eight classes. Unfortunately I couldn't use the shop, so the assigned classwork wasn't their favorite thing to do, but they were well behaved. Better than the art students last week trying to sniff Koolaid at Sawyer's middle school. Not my class. Cooper popped in once to tell me he was staying after school, and I popped in on Cooper once during my lunch to watch him work on an extracurricular activity.

Cooper was invited to be part of a five man team that will compete in a national contest involving four wheel drive vehicles and certain programming requirements. Other teams have had all year to work on the project, so they have a lot of catch up. The teacher chose to enter them because of all the projects Cooper brings into the classroom: airplanes, skateboards, knives...and is impressed with him and his talents. He's very excited.

Breyer was very excited to invite me to Pastries for Parents. It used to be called Muffins with Moms, and Donuts with Dads, but they've consolidated a bit. She even wanted me to come back to eat lunch with her, which I'll need to do on another day, but getting all dressed up for her in a dress, and curling my hair, so I could make her feel special, was a good thing.

The van has given us a few scares this week...something is on the blink with the oil pressure. The light will come on, the van loses power and chugs roughly along until I pull over and add a little oil. So far so good. The lawnmower also is feeling old. The throttle wire broke, from rust, and we've yet to figure out how to get the universal part to work.

Porter enjoyed his week off. No school, no job, just a comfy bed and delicious home cooked meals. He's ready to get back into the swing of things, and landed two jobs for the week: Painting a house on Tuesday, and Wednesday through Friday he'll be an assistant production manager for a crew of BYU's Story Trek working in the area. Fun! Listening to him face time and phone time his girl friends? Not so fun. But very funny. He made Breyer's day by going to her soccer game, the last one of the season.

And in case we didn't mention it previously, she's reading. Loves the Dick and Jane book, such a classic!

Cooper spent yesterday with a friend using the backyard forge again. He's slowly turning those 140 railroad spikes into knives. He also picked up an antique ax head for $4 and is repurposing it and making a new mahogany handle.

Rust on those railroad ties, that he works so hard to get off, is what happens to us as we interact with the world on a daily basis. The friction of the train wheels knocks off the rust on the rails, just like going to church knocks the world off us on a weekly basis.

Speaking of the Sabbath Day, Miller had baseball all star try outs yesterday, the first time they've not been held on Sunday since we've been in Granbury. He's very good, and technically could be the all star of the all star team, but hasn't been picked up because he won't play on Sunday. This year the president of the baseball league told me that he really wanted Miller to play for him, and was trying to work it out so he could use Miller on Saturdays and have a replacement for Sunday. He got the phone call tonight that he'd been chosen. He's so excited. It's been difficult for him to not be able to play, knowing he's just as good. It's nice to know we're now in a position to make a difference in the community in which we live. People know we don't play on Sunday, and now they're changing their rules to accommodate us.

Next, we'll introduce the grove theory, the fact that one tree alone is not as strong as trees that grow together. Together our community could be so much stronger if we banded together on something as simple as obeying the ten commandments. Sawyer tries out this week, but has already been told both coaches want him, just for Saturday as well.

Be good. Stay safe. Talk with you soon.



P.S. There are a few business items for you we need to discuss. I sent you a note about finishing your audit documents. Let me know what else.

How could I forget Mother's Day? This Sunday? It will be good to see your face! Dad says to use Google hang out, and we'll be home from church by 2 p.m. He hopes to not have any meetings or appointments because of this, so give us a time.

Aunt Janel asked if you've received her package? The last one you'll be receiving, I think.

And, what are you bringing home for Porter that he might be able to use?

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