Monday, May 1, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, et al,

The big news this week is the trip to Utah to pick up Porter and to attend Tanner's graduation. I'm now, tonight, beginning Porter's official countdown to Brazil, 100 days until he leaves. Let the fun begin!

And because your father and I are not into cell phones, our communication this week has been sparse. Almost as little as you and I! Just joking. We've all been busy, him with travel demands and me with holding down the fort. I can't believe how quickly my family is dwindling! Seven chicks in Ohio, and now sometimes I only have three!

Dad and Sawyer left for the wild frontiers of western Texas, New Mexico and southern Utah Wednesday morning. The rental car was loaded with your older brother's boxes and a sundry of belongings and goodies. It's always nice when wheels are headed that way to accommodate both parties. They arrived Thursday after lunch, just in time to attend the first graduation, of which there will be a LOT of pictures. I believe this is the night they also went out to eat at the favorite Brazilian steak house.

Wednesday evening I had Breyer's soccer practice, Miller's baseball practice, and Cooper's scouts to do. All by myself.

Thursday I contended with Miller's first Cub Scout rocket derby, and Friday another baseball game and Cooper's after school activity. Being a single parent must not be very easy.

Tanner called Thursday before graduation so excited to share that he had been hired full time - sales position with a start-up company that developed a computer program for accountants. He's paid a base salary plus commission, is excited to have health benefits for him and his beautiful wife, and funds to make a needed car purchase. We both agreed this blessing is because of your faithful service. Thank you!

Friday the western contingency attended the departmental graduation, as well as go to a BYU baseball game, and visit with Porter's namesake Sis. Young. I know I'm missing a few details and hope others actually there will expound.

Saturday was a soccer game and baseball game, with one of my visiting teaching friend helping me at home to feed the missionaries until I could get there. I thought it funny, leaving her instructions as to where all the food could be found. She was a good sport hosting people in my house. Your other family went to Salt Lake, touring museums, the conference center, and downtown.

Tonight my small contingency and I went to a post trek fireside at the stake center. The video was fabulous. Lots of laughs and tears, beautiful music and such great memories for those involved. Why do I love for my children to participate in trek? It's good for you to learn how to do hard things. They invited ten year old children and up to attend as well, because in four years they'll be invited.

I found your father and brothers inside the house when I arrived home. It is good to be together again. Breyer is excited for Porter to take and pick her up from school. Miller is excited for another play buddy. I'm just plain excited.

Have a wonderful week. Be safe. Finish strong.




shirlgirl said...

Most of your chickens are back home again. Fun.

Bachland :) said...

We had SO MUCH FUN!!! It was so good to see most of the family and have so many laughs and smiles.