Sunday, May 14, 2017

What My Mother Taught Me Could Save Me From a Cougar

Our subdivision lies between the waning hill country of North Texas and the emerging Piney Woods portion. Granbury has a few hills, and our subdivision is bordered between city limits and rural ranch. Lots of room for a cougar to roam which, has recently been spotted inside our neighborhood. The memo was sent to warn parents of small animals and children being outside during the dusky and dark portions of night.This becomes problematic when your nightly walk comes after children, dinner, cleanup and bedtime routines.

Recently while quickly walking home in an effort to beat the dusk, I realized my outwitting a cougar came down to being frugal. My mother's favorite mantra of "Waste not, want not" decades later would be the reason why I could survive a cougar attack.

I chose not to purchase a weight vest. I wanted to increase the effectiveness of the evening walks, and opted instead to use a backpack filled with old, large books. Should said cougar decide on the stab in the back sneak attack, the cougar would hit books instead of my back. The sulk and stalk method? The cougar would be on the receiving end to my heaving said books towards said cougar. And the direct attack? Swinging same backpack full of books at same cougar.

And in case a little extra luck is needed, I wear the hat of my alma mater, ironically in Latin meaning "nurturing mother": Brigham Young University, the Cougars.

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