Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Words for the WIngmen

Dear Family,

This week contained many short episodes of heightened excitement. For example, Tuesday we had a surprise visit from my angelic Grandparents who swooped into Utah late Monday night. We met at Uncle Ben’s with them for dinner on Tuesday, and enjoyed filling them in on the little details of our lives as well as soaking in their vast pools of acquired wisdom. Wednesday we were supa busy but we caught back up with them on Thursday night to help cheer on our cousin Josh at his city league basketball game. Grampy led half the crowd in cheers for the blue team in an unforgettable display of vigor and school spirit. The price of an education in Utah is made vastly more expensive by virtue of its extreme distance from many of those that we love best. May visits to and from family always be plentifully planned. You are all certainly welcome at any time at la chateau Schenewark.

Wednesday was also the day that we called 911. (That’s a cheap writer’s trick hooking you in with that first sentence: ) Just as we flipped the oven switch to 350 and prepared to slip our yam fries in, the element on the top of the oven went kaput in a big way. Sparks were flying everywhere, the whole element was on fire and, not knowing if I could reasonably expect this to suddenly become something VERY serious, we called in the local fire department. They saved the day and all was well, though our oven is SCORCHED. We have yet to fix that so salads are the order of the day and this evening Matt and Joanna were kind enough to have us over to their house where we prepared a Sunday meal for all.

Speaking of all things Pace, Saturday night PACE, that soulful brother/sister duo, raised the roof at Rock Canyon studios where they played a sweet set list. This was our first concert we’d been able to attend after being on the road for so long and boy was it worth it. I may have played a wee part in getting the crowd hyped (and I may have asked them to play “That thing you do”) but they didn’t need any help when it came to thrillin’ the buildin’. They did that all by themselves. We look forward to more of these events soon and to their soon-to-be-in-production music videos for several groovy new tunes.

This weekend, AnneMarie and I also cashed in a few more of our Amex rewards points to splurge on some new clothes at Banana Republic. They were having a 50% off sale which meant the time was ripe to use our gift cards. I won’t lie. I felt pretty fancy schmancy picking out a pair of pants and two shirts but the best part was waiting outside AnneMarie’s dressing room where she would emerge to model an outfit every couple of minutes. We hardly ever go shopping, but hey, when we do we enjoy ourselves.

Alright, that’s about all the news fit to print in fits of print. For those interested in my developing case of complaint at school, the department chair is attending class this week unannounced, but I expect that not much will come of that as the teacher is sporadically docile and crazed. Lately, he’s been tamer. On a happier note, Porter’s mission papers are in which means I need to begin my secret older brother fast to get him sent to Brazil. “Ahh,” you say, “that’s poppycock.” Well, one for one so we’ll see: )

Also, thanks to cousin Hannah this week for the spiffy haircut I’m sporting. For five dollars on Wednesdays and Thursdays, you can get the royal treatment from the cousin with some serious salon skills. Plus, I’ve never laughed so much during a haircut in my entire life.

We Love you all.

Tanner and AnneMarie

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