Sunday, March 26, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, et al,

Porter, Tanner and AnneMarie spent some time together this week - bowling. Porter was declared Bowling Master, with AnneMarie a close second. But of course whose bowling score was highest pales in comparison to the biggest news of the week: Porter's mission call. Your brother was contacted by the Canon Center, and told his mission call was in, except they used our phone number. Apparently it's the number for him in their directory. After leaving a message that his call was waiting, he called me, and stayed with me while he picked up his call and walked back to his dorm room.

Then he read the call, and sobbed for 20 minutes. Literally. Every time I asked him where he was going I couldn't understand him except I could understand Brazil. The Brazil Campinas Mission. Porter needed to go to Brazil. His two very capable and looked up to brothers went there, and going somewhere else would have signified to Porter he wasn't good enough for Brazil. And, the mission is exactly half way between Tanner and your missions. Sandwiching his mission between his two older brothers figuratively meant he was right between his brothers, where he always wants to be.

Porter had listed his availability date as May 8th. Instead of going four years without seeing you, you/'ll have ten days together, as he leaves August 8th.

You know Porter's named after Brigham Young (Porter Young), and a family instrumental in serving Jarrod while he was getting ready to go and while he was on his mission, the Youngs. The Brazil Campinas Mission is where they went on their mission together. Sweet tender mercies all around.

Porter is very aware, now, of how much his Father in Heaven is aware of him, his needs, and feels very loved. Hence 20 minutes of crying. It was a good day.

On the Monday back to school Sawyer came home from track practice stoked, for two reasons: After watching himself on slow motion video, he tweaked his form a bit and can now clear seven feet plus, consistently; and, he creamed everyone in a very hard workout because he spent his spring break on trek walking and working like a pioneer. "And I wasn't even out of breath." Unfortunately, at his track meet later during the week he struggled to catch his breath after running the 300 hurdles, a beast of a race,and then running to the high school to complete in pole vaulting. Hopefully next time pole vaulting will be first, and he'll have the strength to get up and over the bar.

Cooper played in a men's double match this week, against six schools, 172 matches, and placed fourth.

Miller and Cooper have been suffering your poison ivy / poison oak misery. Cooper's airplane got stuck in our tree, and Miller spent an afternoon throwing balls, trying to knock out the airplane. Unfortunately, the ball kept landing in the undergrowth, and rolling in the poison, and Miller's now poisoned hands wiped sweat off his face. It's a doozy of a case. Cooper has a bit just from coming home and helping at the end. Miller's been to the doctors two times, today the doctor said it's the worse case he's ever seen. I had to disagree with him, but it has caused a lot of suffering to Miller.

Cooper and Sawyer made pinewood derby cars to race in a scout / Elders Quorum competition. Cooper came in 2nd. Making the cars is most of the fun, but having your own track to use will help to make this event a fun yearly tradition.

The activity of the week went to cub scouts, and the leader that built the launcher for the boys' rockets, an empty liter bottle. Miller has the backing of Cooper, who helped put on the only nose cone, and spray painted it black. It was an impressive Batman of a rocket, and had all the other cub scouts drooling, especially when it flew.

Tanner is leading the NCAA March Madness Tournament. with Sawyer the next closest competitor. Such is the state of the tournament as it nears the conclusion. They're the only two that have a champion team still left in their bracket, so the hardware might be heading to Utah in April, just in time for Tanner's graduation.

Your sister came home one day from school absolutely thrilled it was the first day of spring. She spent her free time after school picking wildflowers in the backyard, filling all our mini vases, and placing them strategically throughout the house. She even had to call Tanner to share the news with him and AnneMarie.

I went with Breyer on a field trip to the Fort Worth zoo this! Being a chaperone to not one, but three girls, was more than fun. A definite learning curve. One didn't want to walk when her feet were tired, one wanted to eat everything in my bag, especially when it wasn't hers, and one was just adorable. Your sister. She loves the zoo. Our favorite animal this trip was probably the gorilla family. There were two one year olds and one two and one three year old gorillas that put on a great wrestling and bug eating show.

Fairland Boys Basketball team were undefeated this year, won their advanced games, and made it to the state semi finals. They had more pre-sale tickets than the other three schools combined, but did lose. None of the players are seniors so I'm sure the next two years will be . A lot of the players are younger brothers to the boys yin your graduating class.

There was a one person terroristic attack in London this week in front of Westminster that shook up the world community. Unfortunately five people were killed, including one LDS man visiting his parents serving as London temple missionaries. I mention this only as my thoughts of you often are centered around your safety in a place in the world far away from Texas. Westminster is just as far away, and when these incidents occur I think of you. Be safe.




Bachland :) said...

BRAZIL!!!!! We are so excited! Poor little Miller, can we send him a case of soothing cream?

shirlgirl said...

Wow! What a nice newsy letter with so much information. Happy for Porter and his mission call. Sorry about Miller and Cooper with poison ivy/poison oak. Not fun--especially on the face. You can't burn that stuff either, as it would be worse. Not sure how to get rid of it. Hope they all feel better soon.