Sunday, March 12, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, et al,

This is a event filled week; strap your seat belt on, and hang on for the ride! Working backwards, your grandparents shocked the pants off me Friday evening by showing up at our door unannounced at 8 p.m.. Apparently everyone else that read Funcle Aaron's letter knew, but he left me off the distribution list last week.

They traveled with us to two baseball practices and a soccer game on Saturday, as well as sat through a rowdy dinner with two missionaries, one recent convert, and a former missionary traveling in the area. Grampy also helped Cooper extract an airplane he flew into one of our trees. A pole vaulting pole attached to a leaf rake attached to a crutch attached to a broom. Whatever they did, it worked.

They also were able to listen to your father and I speak in sacrament meeting today. They leave in the morning. It was a quick but absolutely perfect trip including fabulous food, wonderful company, lots of laughs, and cherry pie. And a killer game of Apples to Apples. Your grandmother smoked us all.

"This week I'm grateful for grandparents who make surprise trips to visit their grandchildren.
I am blessed by their testimonies and humor and when I grow up I would really like to be just. like. them. #Family #Forever"

The pie was courtesy of Sawyer's 14th birthday. We thought he would enjoy a new tent and spent some time Friday afternoon setting the tent up, a pop-up style tent. But after 45 minutes of trying to un pop the tent, and a crack in the tent pole, we realized we had chosen poorly, and will be returning the tent post haste.

Sawyer came home bragging he got rim one day. He also is looking for the new big gun title. Miller eagerly awaits the NCAA bracket being posted this week. He's won two years in a row and hopes to continue his reign. Miller went with Sawyer one day to practice his vaulting, and smashed his finger between his pole and the bar - massive blood blister that's still giving him a bit of trouble. Miller got his math bench mark results back this week and was recognized for getting 100%. It was the highest score in all of third grade, out of five classrooms, about 125 children. He only missed one on the state wide reading benchmark, and was recognized for being 2nd in the entire third grade for that score.

I was in Sawyer's school when he was recognized for his UIL 1st place in Mathematics and 2nd place in Number Sense. He's the only one out of all of 7th and 8th grade that earned two medals.

I enjoy substitute teaching. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning what the kids are learning. It's been a really LONG time since I've thought about density being mass over volume, or the Pythagorean Theorem, or the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram. This week I was in a choir job for half a day, and got to play the piano for four hours. How many subs can do that?

One day I was driving to work and witnessed a car accident involving a pick-up truck hit by a sedan that blew through a red light. The pick up truck was full of tools, tool boxes, everything a man might need on a job, and it all exploded into the intersection. I was in a position to help, with my van being in the right lane to protect the driver, and stayed to help. Always a great way to begin the day.

Your sister came home from school sick Wednesday evening, so I stayed home with her the final two school days. It was a great way to kick off their spring break. She was seen by the doctor, and is on her way to recuperating. Your brothers are experiencing strep paranoia. Don't park your toothbrush by my toothbrush. Don't drink out of my cup. Don't sit by me. No hugs or kisses. Your poor sister was feeling a bit rejected, but understands we're so tired of streptococcus.

Porter finished his two final interviews and pushed the send button. His paperwork is all done,and now he's waiting for his call. How exciting! He thinks he has decided, as did you, that he doesn't want an opening party.

Cooper losing his matches last week, one against a teammate doubles team, earned him a  ranking

Your father was kind enough to bring your telescope to cub scouts this week, and show all my Tigers a close-up of the moon. They loved him. They loved the moon. They loved your telescope. Thank you for sharing.

Your acquaintance in your area shared these pictures with us. Let her know how much we love seeing your face!

We both talked in church today, which was wonderful considering we had no idea your grandparents would be in town. I'll post the talk later, and perhaps you can print it to read later, if you want. Your father did a wonderful job. He used a few baseball analogies, and had everyone in the congregation agreeing that baseball is indeed the celestial sport.  He wears the mantle of Bishop so well.

The boys are leaving in the morning at 4:40 a.m. to go on a three day trek, just the kind of adventure a boy on spring break would want to have. They spent a portion of today getting their belongings packed in their five gallon bucket. Cooper's excited to bring his knife he made along. Sawyer received a new one for his birthday from a friend and is just as thrilled to be armed. They both have rattlesnake bite kits, courtesy of your father, as it is snake season and they will be crossing long grass since their trail is in the LBJ National Grassland.

All right. I'm done. It's late.. Your brothers wanted banana chocolate chip muffins for the morning. Everyone else is in bed. I'm also writing a letter for the boys to be given on trek. Life is never done.

But be careful. Know of our love for you.



Bachland :) said...

Smiles reading this, just big huge smiles! So much going on and so many happy wonderful times.

shirlgirl said...

Beautiful letter, Amy Jo. So nice your folks surprised you and happy that your Dad is feeling up to making these trips. Warms my heart to know that. Love you and miss you. Love, Aunt Shirley