Sunday, March 5, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, et al,

If you know nothing else of this week, know this: While we were having a family discussion, the subject of dogs came up. Thinking to use this as a teaching moment, your father reminded them that along with dogs came responsibilities, like picking up after them. And your sister exclaimed, "Yeah, but girls are here to have the babies, so the boys have to pick up poop!" Boys pick up the poop. Could not have said it better myself.  And we all enjoyed a good laugh.

We played Apples to Apples tonight around the dinner table. It was a close game, with moi leading the charge, and your pa in second. Lots more laughs, and wonderful family time.

We missed hearing from you last week. Perhaps you too missed hearing from us, and will enjoy double the amount of mail.

I spent Tuesday in the chair of a dentist. One of my lower back molars, ruined by a West Virginia dentist, had to come out. Oh well. I'm not sure if it was more painful losing a tooth or realizing how much effort I put into saving the tooth was all for nothing: Multiple filling attempts, gum reduction surgery, a root canal, a crown...So the tooth was taken, an implant screwed into my jawbone, and bone marrow packed around the implant. The first half of the week I liked like I was hiding a golf ball inside my mouth, and the second half of the week I looked like I had been in a fight because of the large bruise.

(Sawyer's seventh grade picture, wearing his basketball team championship medal)

We missed your cousin Trevor's game this week, but the boys were wondering the outcome. "The Colonels beat Waterford 88-74 during the regular season. Ledyard overwhelmed the Lancers inside with Trevor Hutchins scoring 30. “He’s a very talented offensive player, especially for a big guy,” Bassett said about Hutchins. “(Hutchins) just tore us up in the full-court set. It’s been a while, but I think he had well over 10 points on the fast break alone. He’s very nimble in that aspect. We weren’t very prepared for that.” “Trevor Hutchins took over," LOVE cousin power!

Miller played his last all star basketball tournament this season. The first game was 20-0 at half time, not in their favor, and they finished 26-18. Miller helped them with the great come back. His second game he had 15 of the 30 points, and his third game he had  11 of the 18, but they lost both games. He was definitely the all star of the all star team.

Sawyer had his first track meet this week, except there was no pole vaulting. He ran in the 110 high and 300 intermediate meter hurdles,and placed second in both races.

Cooper switched to doubles, beat two teammate teams to advance to the travel team, and played all day Friday in a large tourney. Unfortunately he didn't bring home the bacon, but we all can have off days.

Sawyer and Dad spent some time at the middle school track field, with Miller, trying to improve his pole vaulting skills. Sawyer grumbles about the three steps forward, two steps back progress, but he is progressing. Sawyer and Dad also managed to squeeze in a fishing trip this week, including a little metal detecting when there weren't any bites. Miller and Sawyer also spent one of their evenings at baseball try outs. Neither brother hit well, but mostly due to the pitcher and pitches. They should hear sometime this week which team drafted them.

Your brother Porter has had his last shot, and is now two interviews away from turning in his paperwork. And, he has also been named the official hall clothing coordinator for Budge Hall. Texts go out each morning, suggesting to residents the daily fashion suggestions: Monday? Floral. Tuesday? Olive and navy. He's happy. So happy, and doing so well. He taught the Elder's Quorum lesson today to help.

Dad and I went to the adult session of stake conference last night, and stake conference today. It was suppose to have been broadcast form the stake center, to our ward building, but the stake connection was having problems. At first we just had visual; then it went to just audio. But the audio would stop, repeat, stop repeat, and continue; then do it all over again. So messages were delivered a bit disjointed. Your father stood up at the end, when the transmission was cut right before the last amen, with no prayer or song either, and said, "This reminds me of the lost 116 pages of manuscript. The most important points were broadcast." Everybody laughed.

We had a visiting general authority who ultimately emphasized sacrifice and charity. I thought of you and the two years you've sacrificed, plus all of the bits of your life you've put on hold. I'm so proud. I'm honored to be your mother. Truly so humbled you'd choose me.

Take care of yourself for me.



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