Sunday, June 5, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

The elder in our ward today was confirming a man with the gift of the Holy Ghost. In his prayer, he counseled this new convert to not forget Lot's wife. Always look forward. For some reason, that message of old touched a new. This new convert, while in junior high, was passing through Utah on his way home from a family vacation. They ended up at a ski resort, had to wait for the last tram off the mountain, and encountered four BYU students having a picnic in the tram waiting area. They were extremely kind, helpful, nice, shared their food, and planted a seed. This fifty something year old man was touched then by something so simple, and has finally moved forward on his journey through the gates of baptism. He knew then, as he knows now, that he wanted that kind of peace and love, what he thought of as the Savior's example, in his life. He's gone through fourteen missionaries, while he's nurtured both his elderly parents to the other side, and is now able to do something for himself.

We had a delightful chat with Sis. Parrish this week. She heard about the flooding in Texas, and knew Granbury had made national news, and called to check in on us. She mentioned how she had placed an ad in the paper, looking for someone to help, and your friend Ethan England answered her ad. He works hard, offers to do more, and has kept her in a good place. She also mentioned Bro. Overby, who was having headaches and finally went to be examined. He has spots on his lung that appears to have metastisized into a brain tumor, left front side, which he had operated on. Do you still have his address?

I found this interesting news article this week. "After 10 years of being a pharaoh, Tut died at the ripe age of 19 — and then allegedly exploded in his own sarcophagus due to a botched mummification. And now a new study shows the boy-king may even have wielded a cosmic dagger during his rule.
The knife in question, which scientists believe is made of iron from meteorites, was found in King Tut’s tomb nearly a century ago." How cool to think so long ago to have created something from the outer reaches of space, which means the rock was much older than Tut.

Newsworthy from work? There were a lot of accidents, because of all the rain; the rain also brought out the critters, large and small. Lots of snakes! We had our own last week. This week the critters were large, alligators. When their water edge expands so does their territory. One was captured near elementary school boundaries, and one almost on the freeway. I am wondering whether or not I should be worried about Lake Granbury!

Breyer had me laughing today. I am now her Primary teacher...CTR 4's. She's in heaven having me and all her little girl friends in class together. Doing fun things. I am now the only organ player in the ward.Today she joined me on the bench, and when I began playing, she began playing the pedals. With a dance. Tap, tap, tap, Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. At least she left the keys alone. Mostly. Very different from having my little boys join me on the organ.

Porter graduated from seminary tonight. And he really wanted to drive home, as Dad "hadn't ever driven with him." He hopped in the front seat before Dad caught on, and because the FOB was in my purse, was able to start the car, much to Dad's surprise. Reminded me of when you or your brother did the same thing. Dad does NOT like being a passenger. But he handled it with grace, and we're home. Porter has his first job interview in the morning with a new Chipotle that's opening in Granbury.

My sheets are calling. 3:50 a.m. comes early. Know of my love for you.



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CubSctAnn said...

WONDERFUL stories, keep them coming! It was fun meeting and getting to know that brother at our house, and now he's baptised, how cool is that! <3