Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Tribute to Mr. Brown Sign

Dear Sons,

Since many of you have been or currently are involved in lawns, and the business thereof, I couldn't help but think of each of my sons this morning, mowing before the century temperature mark inches any closer.

I am amazed at the difference in our lawn as compared to almost two years ago. We arrived, walked around the house, and my immediate reaction was, "Why is my grass crunching?" The more familiar I became with my surroundings, the more I realized it was mostly in two areas: those that had too much sun and flood water.

By the end of the first year, I happily noted that by the time the hot weather was finished, the sparse, crunchy spots had remarkably shrunk. This I attributed to, while cutting the grass, letting the clippings fall. A whole year of clippings can add up to a little bit of mulch, much  needed protection under this hot Texas sun, and when it rains, lots of it.

Closing in on year two, and although not near the end of the hot season, the hot spots are in even better shape. Mulching by not bagging the grass while mowing has made a huge difference, and was such an innocuous and unintentional act on my part.

I hope you boys know how lucky you are to have your father. I consider him the mulch in your lives, that has made your lawn of life lush, verdant, bare-foot walking quality. He wanted to be a professional NFL kicker, but knew once he committed to joining the church he'd have to set aside that dream. He realized after having only three of you boys, he'd also have to set aside his collegiate coaching career. He gave up his dream of living in California in order to have more children, as I kept having miscarriages due to the refinery environment. His earthly goals were not as important as his eternal goals. He lives his life in such a way to allow you the possibility to dream and reach your goals. His clippings, as he's trimmed his own lawn, have left your lives so enriched, so full of the blessings of the gospel and family,


Nellie said...

Happy Father's Day, Jarrod! You are a terrific Dad!

shirlgirl said...

What a beautiful tribute to Jarrod. Happy Father's Day, Jarrod. Sending love and hugs for a wonderful day. Love, Aunt Shirley

Bachland :) said...

To the best Dad we know, job well done!