Sunday, June 19, 2016

With All My Love - Impeding Traffic

Dear Elder Schenewark, and missionary friends,

How are you? Another week of communicating with you via email. What a blessing! Don't even want to think about the old days of weekly letters mailed, or the older days of letters here and there. I'm grateful that we are able to communicate to easily and often. If there were to be a third day, when you could call home, it should be Father's Day. Your father is the other half of you, and is just as necessary, even tenderhearted in regards to his sons. He loves you dearly. Porter made this beautiful cake for your father. Delicious!

Cooper, when speaking with Tanner and AnneMarie,wished Tanner a "Happy Father's Day!" upon which Breyer then asked, "Is the baby in the hospital?" Too funny. Also funny! The man satchel Porter made your father, for his BIGFOOT deck of cards. Matchels might be the thing of the future!

Breyer in the kitchen is a force to be reckoned with. She's always more than happy to step on her "BREYER" step stool to play in the water. I gave her the job of first, pulling all the cups out of the sink, to load in the dishwasher. The sink was too full to do any rinsing. Then the plates. Her moans of disgust at having to touch slimy dishes was funny. Her gags over food encrusted bowls and silverware humorous. Her revulsion at inches thick taco dip encrusted in a serving bowl hysterical until I reminded her of the hose that squirts. Then I was the one screaming as she forgot to put the bowl into the sink before squirting. Good times being a mom, even if water was every where but the kitchen sink. The best.

 Your father, Sawyer and Cooper all went to scout camp this week. That left Breyer, Miller, Porter and myself to man the fort. Look forward to those pictures soon. Here are a few for you to enjoy! Your father's favorite moment appears to be when they fed the rattlesnake to the king snake.

I mowed 2/3 or 3/4 of the acre of grass yesterday, in shifts. Nearing 100 degrees, with 105 heat index, even starting early in the morning, was hard work. I find many things in the grass when I mow. Yesterday it was six baseballs, that went into my short pockets; four golf balls, which go into my chest "pockets" and the arrow, which went down the shirt on my back. I wondered what people thought of my misshapen body while they drove by. If  not the low hanging shorts, most likely it was the arrow that raised the eyebrows. Made me think of things that we drop here and there in our journey of life, that should be picked up. Often we drop a negative comment, or act indifferent, or present false information. We need to tend to these things we drop aside in our life. I need to pick up what my children drop, to ensure more fully the dangers of mowing will be mitigated, just as tending to those insubstantial items in our "grass" will clean up our souls.

The adventures at work this week seem to be on the road coming home. Leaving at 4 p.m. instead of 2 p.m. makes the commute a little longer. One day there was a small car balanced on top of the cement barrier between the east and westbound traffic. Really? Another day I just missed an accident, and was able to quickly drive by the three lane accident, in the median, and saw three vehicles, two of which lost their front tire and were resting on their axles. Another day I was almost home, and had to sit for 45 minutes as all lanes of the state highway were closed because of an accident. Let's be careful out there! More considerate, a little slower, and always alert. We all want to get home safely.

That's the news from Lake Granbury, where all the women are wrinkled, all the men are bowlegged, and all the children drawl.

Love you so much!


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Big smiles, we love the weekly missionary letters!