Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Letter #43

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy 25th anniversary! In Brasil, they don´t have Valentines Day like us, but they do celebrate something called Dia dos Namorados, or roughly, Day of the Lovers. And it just so happens, its celebrated every June 12! So, ya'll picked the day well.

This week has been weird. We've had weird food, weird weather, and some weird predicaments, but through it, I have witnessed and been blessed by many tender mercies of the Lord.

My new comp is Elder Cavalcante, from Fortaleza. There are thirty Americans here, and twenty-six missionaries from Fortaleza. The church is really strong there, and I wasn't surprised to have another companion from that area. So far, it's been really good to have him as a companion. Like really good. We are working hard and getting along really well.

Wednesday to Sunday, we had a very strong and unusual cold front come in. The winds have been whipping and the temperatures dipping. No one is in the streets, but everyone lets us inside their houses to talk. One night, it got down to 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Almost broke the record here. Poor Elder Cavalcante has been suffering, having the coldest week of his life, in his words. We picked up some blankets from members for him, weathered the storm, and today the sun is back out.

Quissamã has a large and known bat population, and our house is filled with them. We always make sure to close the windows and haven´t had a problem with them except for the shrieking at night. But, the landlord will be redoing the roof and fixing some things, so we moved houses, larger and nicer, as the landlord wants us to stay for eternity. So it's been a nice change.

Quissamã, also, besides having (vampire...) bats also has a large gypsy population. They live on the outskirts of town  in tents and we visited them and it actually went very well. It was one of those times we walked in with faith not knowing what to expect. They received us really well, and each successive tent would tell us another tent we had to visit.

So, in short, we´re moving forward. Enjoying the work, and this opportunity in our lives to share the eternal truth that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for the blessings this gospel brings into my live. Namely that families can be eternal. Love you lots,

Elder Schenewark

Make yourself at home.

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