Monday, November 30, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

. Do you want to reconsider prescription sunglasses?
. How about a second pair of shoes?
. I saw on Facebook that William Logan Sheets signed with Shawnee State University's golf team.         Did you play with him?

On your mission's facebook page I saw this announcement: "During the prom (Saturday), the Institute will be receiving donations of water to help the members of the district of Colatina on account of the water from the mud on the river." Do you know anything about their water problems?

Monday we spent the day at home, with our dear friends, putting. The door Breyer used to climb on the bathroom counter was fixed and reattached. The remote control helicopters were examined, torn apart, and put back together again so more of them work. The remote control boats were recharged and taken for a spin on the lake. There was also a lot of fishing, and the bass were released back into our pond.

You were also unwrapped and put on permanent display. And you already have your Brazilian tan!

And the washer and dryer were in continuous use, as well as the dishwasher. Having everyone home generates a lot of food, dirty dishes and wash. Unfortunately by the end of the day, Miller was throwing up in his top bunk bed, and I finished off my day cleaning the carpet.

One of the funnest things brought from New England? The party keg. And what constituted most of what was hurled from the top bunk ;-)

The last two weeks we've shuffled all of us through the doors of the dentist, finishing Tuesday with no cavities. Tanner will be examined and scraped during his visit in December.

Sawyer also asked to see the eye doctor, not because he was finding it difficult to see the board but because he wanted contacts. He did wonderful, and is enjoying his new glass-less view:

Porter had his third game in Abilene that night, so we opted not to travel with him.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. We had the two missionaries in the ward over. One is from Alaska, and is from the stake Kaleb is currently serving in Wasilla, and he's from the Fishhook Ward, living in Palmer.

Instead of cooking turkey, we decided to go Texas style, and ordered a smoked turkey. The only downside is no turkey soup from the leftovers. Yum! Great on leftover rolls with a little bacon and avocado! And I changed the stuffing from cornbread to sourdough. Double yum. Probably my favorite this year. Add in the usual winter squash from your grandmother, the sweetened yams, the green bean casserole (no homemade onion rings on top this year), fresh cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and corn, and it becomes a feast.

While making pumpkin pies the night before, I wondered if you'd want a can of pumpkin in your Christmas box, to make your own pie?

We also had delicious apple, chocolate cream and banana coconut cream pies. I made vegetable chowder with the leftover mashed potatoes, corn and bacon. Sorry. I'm not trying to make you hungry, just sharing! We taught the elders how to play Rummikub, so well they won both games.

The beautiful weather changed into cold and rainy. Just north of us in Oklahoma the weather was a little colder and they had lots of power outages and downed lines from freezing rain and snow. We enjoyed our first fire in the fireplace this weekend, hot chocolate, and even pulled out gloves and mittens.

My emergency response team had been entered in the Granbury Parade of Lights, which was cancelled due to our stormy weather, but Wednesday Sawyer and I helped rubber band the tee shirts for tossing. Your brothers were going to be wearing said tee, with Santa hats, and handing them out, so maybe they can do this service next year. And the theme of the parade? Happy Birthday, Jesus. Only in Texas!

I spent Saturday cooking gingerbread. Cooper cut the pattern, a train, to fulfill a requirement on the railroad merit badge. We made them today. WAIT until you see the pictures ;-)

I loved President's Monson message this month. This little portion did me good today: "Among our resolutions for this year, did we resolve to make time in our lives and room in our hearts for the Savior? No matter how successful we may have been thus far with such a resolution, I am confident we all wish to do better. This Christmas season is the perfect time to examine and renew our efforts."

I will be trying harder this month for sure. We love you. We're excited to hear about your week. I'll close a little early, as your friends have also been in your letter.


Dearest Elder:

Greetings from the Bachs.  We have spent one of the more enjoyable weeks of our lives with your family.  The only times it's been more fun is when you and Tanner were both at home to enjoy all the fun and games with us.  Fun, games, books and laughs, just a normal week with the family.

Sis. B. is still working on her version of the annual gingerbread house, but gingerbread trains were the plan this year.  All the brothers old enough, have now completed the requirements for the Railroading merit badge.  It may be the last Porter earns as his 18th birthday is approaching soon.

On the short 4,000 mile drive to Texas, we attended 6 Temples. On the drive home, we'll attend 6 more.  That will make over 50 Temples Sis B and I have been to together, remember, we only count the ones we attend with each other.  This coming Wed. will be our 20th wedding anniversary and we'll celebrate the day by going to the Houston and Baton Rouge Temples.

Today was one of the best talks I've heard on families given in sacrament meeting.  The sister that spoke tied the history of Granbury into the history of families in a way I never thought of.  Safety and security and how to bring loving peace to our families.  Second and third hours Sis B and I watched the dress rehearsal for the Primary Program, one little Sunbeam with a big smile was the Star of the show, but her brother was singing with the Valiant 8 class with distinction.

We pray for you each day and love Breyers' prayers for you.  Work hard each day and waste not a moment.

With our love,

The Bach's

Hello Hunter,

I hope you have had a good week. I hope you know that I (and all your family) miss you. It is a sacrifice to have you away however the work you are doing is the most important. It has an eternal impact on those who accept and embrace the gospel with their full hearts.

I know mom has put in the news for the week. Thanksgiving dinner was a feast. We are very blessed by your Mom's talents. We did not have a picture of the pies (apple, two pumpkin, chocolate cream, coconut/banana cream). Mom also made the homemade rolls, I made the cranberry sauce, (she took left over raw cranberries and mixed it with apple and marshmallows (which was a last minute dish that was very good). The smoked turkey was great. I say it was the best turkey outside of the free-range organic creature we had eaten down in Hutto.

People put there pictures of their Thanksgiving dinner on facebook.  And once again I am amazed at how blessed we are by your good mom.

The pictures of the Bass we caught in our pond with the pier, I don't think do justice to the size. The first one caught by Cooper had to be a good five pounds. It is the largest bigmouth bass I have seen caught. I caught the second bass, which was, most likely, two pounds or so. We caught the fish using spoon type lures.  It is great fun and awfully nice to see fish in the pond. It is also great to fish with lures and not have to use bait.

I guess the address fro sending you letters is your mission home/office address. How long does it take the mission office to get the mail to you?

I will go down to Wells Fargo and get your CD closed. Be diligent and be safe. Enjoy the opportunity to serve others on a full time basis.

Your Dad

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