Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In Lieu of Letter #13

Dear Hunter,

It was wonderful to speak with you during your travels yesterday. You sound great. Strong, confident, and ready. Love this quote by Ezra Taft Benson, the prophet I met with cowboy boots and hat, definitely appealing to a Texan: “We want young men entering the mission field who can enter the mission field ‘on the run, who have the faith born of personal righteousness and clean living that they can have a great and productive mission." You, your brother, and all your cousins have hit the ground running. We're proud of you!

Your companion misses you already. "I was not prepared for Elder Schenewark to leave! He left so fast. I hardly got to say a proper goodbye. He just hopped on a plane this morning to go to Brasil. I will miss him a ton. He's going to BYU afterwards as well so we will definitely hang out. "

("Hermano Quintero, the coolest member ever")

He did write about the stake activity you helped with by your making TONS of tamales: "This past Saturday our branch was in charge of the Stake Mexican fiesta! It was totally awesome! We were running the missionary booth the whole time so we didn't get to participate in much, but there were tamales, champurrado, churros, frijoles, arroz, conchas, piƱatas, music, art, and tons of people there. It was a blast! Then after the whole eating part was done a professional dance group from Mexico came and performed a bunch of cultural dances typical to different states and regions of Mexico."

I loved the pictures you sent of your trip to the Gilbert, AZ temple. What a blessing for you to be able to visit these temples, such as San Diego, that you otherwise might not cross in your travels. And that the assistants to the president were your escorts was definitely a blessing.

We learned that you have a four time difference from us, later. So when your long day of traveling is over, it will be a short day for you. Which is a good thing.

I was contacted by a missionary in your office, Elder Jeff Burkinshaw  He shared with me that you are arriving sometime in the afternoon, today, more than 24 hours of traveling! And, that he would be the one who will pick you up at the airport. He's already informed us that your companion/trainer will be an Elder Rodrigues and that your assigned area will be Cachoeiro 3 in the Cariacica zone. He also predicted that you "will love it here!"

We're still hoping from a picture, sent all the way from Brazil, ensuring us of your safe arrival.

Until then,


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