Monday, November 2, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Family,

That pretty much covers a son on a mission, a now married son and my new daughter in law, and various, miscellaneous other family and friends. 

President Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency testifies that the law of the fast has power to heal and change hearts. “I pray that we will claim those great blessings for ourselves and for our families,” he says. Dad fasted this weekend for Hunter's VISA. You're all set.

Texas has been inundated with lots of rain this week, flooding down south where we use to live. There are no longer any areas in Texas in drought. All in one year. Those in New England have been enjoying the beautiful trees and their changing leaves. Elder Schenewark, Aunt Jenny captured a photo for you in case your sand and lettuce leaves get a little monotonous.

Aunt Jenny carried the fall theme into this week's Halloween costume. She's adorable "What did the lumberjack do after cutting down the tree? He took a bough. (And then he gave me the ax.) #HappyHalloween! #I'll leaf you alone now ;-) 

I enjoyed reading about the Atacama desert in Chile, known as one of the driest places on earth. However, unusually heavy rainstorms earlier in the year have transformed the arid desert into a sea of pink mallow flowers.

Looks like the mountains of Utah already are getting snow. We found Tanner tagged in a hiking photo (hopefully this year ;-)

I also found this wonderful quote about BYU by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas: "Something else is going on here...It's that something else...something special...this whole campus resonates [it]."

We found Hunter tagged in a photo in Arizona from the official Facebook page of the Tempe Arizona mission. Definitely no snow, lots of sun, and looks like a few poets in the making:

Los Elderes en San Luis:

"You've probably never heard of this border town,
And neither had we until we came down,
Now that we have spent a little time here,
We want to tell you what we have come to hold dear,
The food, the people, the street signs and all,
Make us feel we aren't in the country this fall,
The people are so kind, they share all that they have,
Culture, language, water, guaraches, habaneros, salsa,
water, time, carne asada, tamales, pozole, tortas,
water, horchata, tacos, frijoles, agua.....
But what we love more than all of the rest,
Is that they love us like family.
San Luis is the best!"

And, it's always a wonderful moment when the grandparents are captured on film, for those of us near and dear who are far and farther. They got a two'fer'one special in beautiful New England autumn with the sisters and their soccer team.

Speaking of sports, Stevie's volleyball team in New Hampshire is now 18-0, and still progressing towards that state championship. Stay tuned!

This week in Texas? Lots of rain, which I believe I've mentioned. Therefore, no baseball practices or games. Just what the mother of Miller and Sawyer does not need. Those boys have too much energy, and even after a full day at school, sometimes need a little moving at night. I did get them signed up for basketball last night, which only increased their excitement!

Porter's last home football game was moved to Thursday because of the forecast of rain. Felt weird. Friday night lights and Texas football just go together. Thursday was off. Obviously. They lost 68-0, but their opponents did win the state championship five out of the last six years! ;-) It was also senior night, so we had to join him on the field. Breyer was happy to join us as well! (More pictures coming!)

The Church does much good all across the world for members of all faiths. I am grateful to be part of an organization where our tithing goes so far to help so many. "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made a $5 million donation to aid refugees in the Middle East, with more on the way."

The kids had fun with their costumes and Halloween trick or treating. This is the first year EVER that we didn't do a family theme. No one could agree! But their costumes were still cute. More on this and their pumpkins coming soon! I will say that Breyer was just suppose to do a trunk 'n treat and come home, but instead they all went out and she lasted the entire time. The boys got a late start, so if they could have gone longer she might have quit, but she only needed help on the way back to the car. And she's so stinking cute everyone kept giving her the handfuls of candy, so her bag was the fullest and heaviest! Dad was proud.

Huntington Ward  has a new bishop, Kirby. Sis. Parrish says hello,

I think I'll close now. It's late. The clocks went back an hour so we're all well rested. It would be nice to keep it that way. Be careful. Continue to be cautious. Work the work. We love you. Dearly.



Bachland :) said...

We had 145 little guests on Halloween night, it hardly left enough candy for me to over-indulge on.

MarieC said...

Wow, Porter is T-A-L-L!!!