Monday, November 23, 2015

With All My Love

Do you have an ipad on which you can check your email every night?

Dear Hunter,

How's Brazil? Are you still so glad to be there?!? We're all anxiously awaiting your first letter, detailing your first week. Your new President, sent us a snippet when you arrived:

"We are very grateful to have Elder Schenewark with us in the Brazil Vitória Mission.  He arrived today from the States just in time for the transfer meeting.  As he was not able to be in the Mission home for the morning training with the other new missionaries we were not able to get a picture as we usually do, but we were able to visit with him after the transfer meeting. It was a pleasure getting to know your missionary and we look forward to serving with him as we invite others to come unto Christ and enjoy the blessings of the gospel."

He also told us you are serving in the city of Cariacica, assigned to the Cachoeiro ward, that you will be trained as a missionary by Elder Rodrigues, and that your preparation day is Monday. Anything else you can add will all be new!

Porter wrapped up his football season. I did write about this last week, but I forgot to mention he ended with a yummy banquet. Did I mention he got a letter man's jacket? For free? For being on varsity? He just has to buy a letter. He began basketball this week. Varsity. I don't know how he does it but we're happy he's adjusted so well. He had five days of practice, and his first game Tuesday, and his second Friday. They are 1-1. When Sawyer and I arrived near the end of his first game, and he was put in, the cheerleaders, spontaneously, cheered "Porter!" I asked him later why they were excited he went in to play, but he gave me the typical Porter shrug. He has no idea, except that he's well liked. By the girls.

Cooper played in his final meet of the fall season, two mixed doubles games. His partner was okay, Cooper said he played a little off, but the matches were close. However, not in their favor.

Sawyer had basketball try-outs, really evaluations this week. We walked into the gym, which had sixth grade girls trying out at one end, and the boys at the other. They all cheered for him as he walked by. Sawyer blushed, deeply, was terribly embarrassed, and didn't want to talk about the attention. I just want to know why! He only made one of his baskets, but he looked like he could play ball. Sawyer's been acting as my official den chief. He's been teaching some of my classes for me, to earn a leadership position for his rank advancement. He helped the boys learn knots, set up a tent, and this week saw a board, pull out nails, and build a wood project. It's fun having him along. 

Miller had try outs as well. He too only made one of his baskets, but he was quick, dribbled well, and was obvious about knowing how to play. He's really disappointed they won't start practice until the week after Thanksgiving, especially when he has this whole week off from school. I send him outside every day to make thirty shots. He asks why, and I tell him "I want to get my money's worth."

Your godparents are traveling across and back the United States, in celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary, and have finally reached Texas. They were in Oklahoma City Friday, and the original plan was to go up there for an overnight visit, and then drive back together, but Porter making varsity basketball put a kink in the plans with his Friday evening game. So I stayed home with Miller and Porter, we switched to the smaller car, and everyone else went on a road trip. And it was freezing! The first freeze for us, actually. They saw some fun museums and the Oklahoma City bombing memorial, but I'll post pictures later. When Breyer heard about the road trip, she INSISTED she be allowed to go. She does love adventures, and left me after a few hugs and kisses.

We spent Saturday waiting for their arrival, attending a baptism, cleaning, doing wash, de-bugging Porter's room, and shopping for food. All the report cards are in: All A's. Again. Except for Porter. That was a long streak, probably since you were in ceramics ;-)

It was Porter's turn for dinner prayer this evening, but he was held up in the bathroom, and Breyer begged to take his place. She prayed for your safety, while you're on your mission, and then mentioned specifically that you would be kept safe from snakes. Her prayers are very sweet. I don't know if you understand how every day, every prayer, everyone prays for you.

It's late, and I am typing this in the dark, and I can't find the camera for more pictures. So know lots are coming. I'm hoping you can check your email nightly. That helps me feel like a little love from home visits you each evening, to tuck you into bed. We love you so much. We're grateful this week of Thanksgiving that you're in our loves, and in the lives of others in service to your God.



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