Monday, December 8, 2014

With All Our Love

 Dear Tanner and Hunter,

We miss you! The tree is up. That in of itself deserves a few more lines. The nearest tree farm is near your Aunt in Tyler, three hours away, so we deferred to Uncle Lowe's to pick up a tree. I was looking for a TALL! tree, as the ceilings are so high, but they are pricey! Lucky for us there was a misfit in the 4-7 foot section for half the price, and close to 9 feet! You'll love it! We tied the tree on the Prius, with twine, and had fun inside the car on the way home playing Jingle Bells.

Friday evening for date night we went to a baptism, our realtor's father. We found out at the last minute, which was past the last minute, so we ran out the door as is. I figure it's better to be on time, in jeans, than late in a dress. Wouldn't you know it's the one time the pianist didn't show up? And they had permission to hold the services in the chapel?

Saturday was the ward Christmas party...what a hoot! Food was fine, the program was lacking. Assigning tables to sing a carol isn't my idea of fun. But it was worth a few laughs ;-)

As you can see in the pictures, Santa is having beard malfunction. Did not bother the kids at all. Breyer was quite enchanted with Santa and his goodies.

But today in church, when he was at the microphone speaking, she stopped what she was doing, listened, and then yelled, "Mom, there's Santa!" She recognized him without the red and white!

The weather here has been nice, mid 60's mostly. Breyer and I stopped at a park one thing ever! We've been unpacking and hanging in the house for too long!

I hoped you two remembered today...that it was Miller's birthday, and Pearl Harbor Day. I can't say I saw flags flying at half mast, but Tarleton State posted that their flags would be today. Since we had already eaten cake with Miller, today we got out leftover Thanksgiving sparkly, and toasted Miller with lots of love. Might be a new birthday tradition. The brothers also thought it might be fun to let the birthday person pick the drink! Rootbeer was high on the list of favorites.

This week at cub scouts I was asked to be cub master for next year. I had kind of enjoyed hiding, but will probably help them out. I'll have to start going to meetings now, as I know nothing of this pack, or council. All for Miller ;-) I don't know if he appreciates this kind of birthday present yet!

Well, the hour is late, and my eyelids are drooping. We'd love pictures of the Christmas concert and your dates! Remember, there will always be room at this inn for you two! Finish strong!

Love, Mom

P.S. Tanner, your adviser's "Because of your high academic performance,.." words were wonderful indeed!

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