Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top Ten Snowy Day Moments

10. Watching Miller go out two times, staying out until he was soaking wet, building a snowman and fort, and having a snowball fight...He does snow days right!

9. Ranger chasing snowballs like his tennis balls, and barking continuously!

8. Cooper, who stayed out the longest, resting when the snow started spitting.

7. Discovering the birds loved the snowman ball tracks, and watching them find worms!

6. Knowing Sawyer was the first one out the door, the last one in, and all before breakfast!

5. Watching Porter gird up his loins to join his brothers outside.

4. Watching Breyer FINALLY decide to go outside, and then having a neighbor stop to play.

3. Thinking Hunter is going to build a really TALL snowman!

2. Having Hunter dedicate his snow pile to his newest nephew, Lincoln.

1. Having Cooper build a snowman...using the toilet!

(Cooper's very excited about his almost 100 likes/comments on Facebook ;-)


Bachland :) said...

Cooper, I've never seen that one beofore, very original, way to GO, or should I say nice going!!

Wholly Duncan said...

Awesome! If I were still on FB I would have given it a thumbs up! Count me in!

shirlgirl said...

Great job every one! Glad they had a fun day in the snow. Those days are over for me. LOL