Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter #74

Dear Family, 

I do hope you'll excuse the delay; together with my new responsibilities comes lots of travel. I'm not complaining at all, however. It's been an edifying time for conversation, pondering and ministering.

Needless to say things have been a bit different since last Monday including my companion-- a large Brasilian Elder S. Pereira from Rio Grande Do Sul, who has an even bigger heart. 

My area--back in the zone of Tiradentes in the city of Cambé, the ward of Riviera--and my daily schedule, which often includes trips to the office now to take care of business(taking care of business!) and sudden calls from missionaries in the entire mission, lead us to rush off and complete our next mission (if we choose to accept it : )

I got used to the new area, which is unlike any other I've served in, although I had been here before when I was in Londrina on divisions. It is not a part of either of the bordering cities but rather an in between area full of people ready to accept the gospel!

(As the area is known to be that of the assistants, when I arrived I had some street cred apparently hanging out of my back pocket, unbeknownst to me, and there was this wonderful relationship of trust that already existed between me and the members! Being assistant to the president has its benefits : )

It has been, however, joyful. We baptized (I'll send photos later) a wonderful young man. We organized a soccer/football (American) activity for the young men that was well attended, so much so that we did it again on Saturday and held a baptism afterwards.

We did interviews on the other side of Londrina for a very cool couple that essentially used the new media tools of the Church and taught themselves, after the missionaries introduced them to the church. When they went back to follow up, the man extended his own baptismal invite!

 Today we spent our preparation day traveling to Marília, where we had our second conference for Christmas.

 It was thrilling and a blast. I love to interact personally with each missionary and look to fulfill his needs.


I equally love the opportunity I have to teach by the spirit. I taught gospel principles Sunday and we had a fantastic class about the spirit world with one of our new investigators attending. 

Well, the rest of the week we pretty much spent a lot of our effort following up with the zones to help them be more effective. It's been quite the whirlwind watching the mission work throughout the week but now that I have one week under my belt I have a good idea of how I can help the mission improve and grow. What a wonderful week it has been!

My testimony has grown equally these last few weeks and especially as it pertains to my relationship with the Savior. I know Him more than I ever have and feel in my very heart not only His love for me and all of us but I feel deeply His message to us and the example His life gives us. I have to come love Him and that has been a very special gift from my Father in Heaven for Christmas.

I love you all, and wish you all a very merry, Christ-centered Christmas.




MarieC said...

Yay! Happy letter!! Glad he finally was able to send it. Don't they know how we wait for their letters? Did he mention any plans for Skyping on Wednesday, or are you just supposed to sit by the computer all day waiting?

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I can't believe it is our missionaries' final Christmas in the field!

Bachland :) said...

The joy of my day is reading Elder Schenewarks letters!

Wholly Duncan said...

Wonderful letter, you can just feel his love and enthusiasm for the people and missionaries in Brazil.