Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter #72

Dearest Family, 

I admit trying to get into the spirit of Christmas this week but at the temperatures we are experiencing my snowman never made it out of the freezer, I couldn't bear a scarf or sweater and let's just say that when I tried to take the bars off our window for Santa to come in it just didn't work out well. (I am comforted in this respect though because due to a new hole in our roof I think he'll get in just fine : ) 

My belt broke in two as I leaped in the street one day after lunch. So I had to find another and let me tell you in case you had any doubts that belt shopping in Brasil is a whole other world. If you want a decent belt you have to pay indecent prices so I settled for a modest belt at an unmodest price and with my pants once again waist high set off to work. 

We did some traveling this week working in some smaller cities nearby ours. See the picture I added to my Catholic church collection. We took crowded country buses in 100 degree heat and walked in sun that should be illegal. I might have made some contacts with mirages. . .To help brave the heat we downed an unhealthy number of popsicles, surprising the agely icecream man who sold them to us. 

Transfers are next week. I expect I'll stay and enjoy Christmas here. Our call is good to go I just don't know what time. I'd love to hear missionary experiences from each one of you during the call : ) As with all transfers there is a certain March madness, an anxiety or expectation you'll never quite shake. But this week we hope to baptize a lot and so we'll be plenty busy to think about these things. Lots of interviews and baptisms. We helped several elders in their areas baptize this week as we have a newer group of elders in our zone or elders who have become seniors recently.

This Sunday as we were bringing several people to church we passed an elderly women in the street and, perhaps simply out of habit, I invited her to come. And she did! That was pretty great : ) Our investigators were also well received in church which put a smile on our faces and on theirs. They will certainly come back. 

We also had ward council, one of epickly comic proportions with twelve people packed into a closet, with one brother who had to keep getting up to use the bathroom which required all of us to pick up our chairs and huddle into one corner. Then just as we were sitting down he'd return and we'd do it again! Elder Arnaud and I plied our musical talents again in the ward choir practice, playing and singing.

Well I'm afraid I don't have much to share by way of news. Lots of changes again in the mission next week. I hope to see the Christmas devotional this next Sunday when it is broadcast in Portuguese. 

I love you and will certainly have more to say next week.

This week let us share our testimonies of Christ as we approach the season when more hearts are softened to hear the whisperings of the spirit testify that this is His kingdom.




MarieC said...

And Tanner's shoes bite the dust as well! Love his collection of Catholic church pictures. Such good times!

shirlgirl said...

Loved his letter--the church picture is beautiful.