Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Soccer Stars

Mr. Leader, Take Charge, I'm the Oldest and the Biggest Cooper

Mr. Defense, Don't Even Come Over Here, Half Field Kick Cooper

 Mr. Sidelines, Let Me Throw it In, That's My Ball Cooper
Great season Cooper! You're such a leader on the field!

 Mr. Stop Penalty Kicks With His Gut, Don't Even Think About Scoring, Ball Diving Goalie Sawyer

Mr. Whole Body into the Kick, Sideline Entertainer, Swifter than Swifter Sawyer

 Mr. On the Sly, Dribbling in Style, Faking in Fashion Sawyer
Great season, Sawyer! You're so fun to watch! 


Duncan Chaos said...

Great soccer pictures!

LL said...

never a dull moment!