Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Neighbors From Heaven

The camping/fishing trip began with this - a face of pure happiness!
Our neighbors-from-heaven brought over the boys their own fishing boxes...five!

This neighbor received a birthday basket of fruit, accidentally delivered to our door. Miller was a little sad it wasn't for him. Guess who delivered it back to Miller? Our neighbors-from-heaven.
You can't have them.
They're MINE!


shirlgirl said...

What great neighbors you have!! You are so lucky and the smile on Miller's face is terrific!

Duncan Chaos said...

I agree, his smile is the best!

LL said...

I'm sure the neighbor feels the same.
I'd imagine you guys are pretty great neighbors too!

Jenny said...

You deserve each other.



Alana said...

Where do I get a set of those?

Becky said...

Lucky you!!! I'm happy for you. :)