Sunday, October 9, 2011

Priesthood Authority

In the month of May our car went into the shop seven times. That was a lot of fixing, but our car cannot work without the engine working. The engine is where the car gets its power to run. This next year I will be turning 12 and can receive the Priesthood. The Priesthood is the power that run's Christ's church on the earth. I watch my Dad use his priesthood on Sunday. I see him go home teaching with Hunter. I watched Tanner bless the Sacrament with his Priesthood authority. I watch Porter pass the sacrament. I've gone with them to help people move or do other kinds of service. I watched Hunter baptize Sawyer this summer. I'm grateful this Priesthood authority has been restored on the earth through Joseph Smith, and that I'll have the opportunity to serve others through this priesthood.


LL said...

fabulous talk.

Duncan Chaos said...

Such a blessing to have great examples of the priesthood in your home!