Monday, October 17, 2011

Soccer Season Ends

"Mom, do I have soccer today?"
(Being in the under 6 league, sometimes that cute 4 year old looks dwarfed!)
"Mom, is this really my last game?"
(The weather was perfect except one or two were a little chilly!)
"What do you mean it's all over?"
(Itchy neck #1)

"When do I get to play some more?"
(Pure cuteness = Miller)

"Why does soccer have to be all done?"
(Itchy neck #2)

"Do I have to get a new team?"
(Not gray, it's SILVER!)

"I think it's my favorite sport."
(My favorite - tongue out enthusiasm!)


April said...

Aw, what an adorable soccer star!!

Duncan Chaos said...

We are feeling the same thing here, this week is the last games! Go Miller, spring soccer will be here before you know!

Jenny said...

Hooray for soccer at ALL ages!

(BOO for itchy necks...)