Monday, November 30, 2009

The Pumpkin Story

Sawyer's Pumpkin. He picked it out himself on a kindergarten field trip.

He was adamant it be used for pumpkin pie. So I told him he couldn't carve it.
Last week we cooked the pumpkin.

About now, Sawyer wasn't sure he had done the right thing.

I told him he had enough pumpkin to make two pumpkin pies and a BIG batch of pumpkin muffins.

Baking these two beauties and feasting all weekend was a delicious way to celebrate the story of the pumpkin.


Becky said...

Was he happy after he tasted the yummy pies? They look SO good. And by the way...we've missed you in blog land.

Jenny said...

You're so BRAVE!
(I've never cooked a real pumpkin)

shirlgirl said...

Pies look yummy, and I'll bet the muffins were as well. And as Becky says, we've missed you in blog land. I know you had company over Thanksgiving so that is probably why you didn't have time to blog.

Amy M. said...

I've always wanted to cook the pumpkin but lack the courage to try- maybe next year. Sawyer had a great idea- and it worked out beautiful and yummy.

LL said...


NeeNee said...

Wouldn't mind having one of those. If we get a pumpkin, I might be calling to find out how to prepare it for pies and muffins.

Duncan Chaos said...

Cool! You need to show us how you did that!