Friday, October 9, 2015

With All Our Love

Dear Elder Schenewark and brother

Don't ever hide anything from your mother Hunter! I knew you were sick when you called, and could have used the extra time between your phone call and the call from the mission president's wife, so work on the insurance card issue. I'm thankful the mission doctor was there, and could diagnose your fever, double ear infection with ease. Dad will be scanning the cards, and emailing them to Arizona for future but hopefully unnecessary use.

You had another cousin come into the world on the 4th. Uncle Zach's Alara Eden arrived at the end of a long day, almost 8 pounds, 21", and just beautiful!

I also found a rare photo online this week of your cousin Meg winning a soccer game that sent her team into the play offs. Such fun to see!

And your two other cousins, both on their varsity soccer team as well.

And look what we found on line: A picture of you hanging out on the couch. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about your first gathering!

We left early Thursday morning for Flagstaff in a rented mini-van. Your father was very excited with the radio as it had its own Elvis channel. He knew you would be appreciative of this fact.  Because we brought a lot of Tanner's boxes with us, to pass off, we were so full with suitcases in the aisles and under some feet. But these crowded conditions were only for the way out.

Breyer's favorite mantra was "I'm a good holder!" She let everybody know in the gas station bathrooms how long she had held off needing to go to the bathroom. Pretty funny. I was nauseated most of the day, but a little pain is worth the gain of getting to Vegas. I don't know why I don't travel well, but it was mostly on Texas roads that weren't interstates.

The New Mexico and Arizona desert is beautiful. In the bright blue sunshine, with the red rocks, the green scrub, and the yellow grasses. There were lots of trains that blended into the autumnal landscape with their rusty cars, and when the sun was setting on the flat face of the red rocks, it was like a heavenly theater.

We woke up in the morning to find out that four people were shot at the Northern Arizona University campus in Flagstaff, AZ, early Friday morning, an hour after we had checked in. According to the Northern Arizona University Police Department, the four victims included one dead, and three wounded. The shooter is in custody. Campus was in lock down through the morning.

A little surreal, especially after writing you about shootings last week. You be careful! We dearly love you. All of you. Excited to hear from you! I'll write more through the wedding weekend. We wish dearly you were here.



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