Sunday, October 11, 2015

With All Our Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

What a weekend! Your brother is married. Your grandfather decided on the way to the airport his health was not conducive to traveling, and he wisely chose to preserve his strength by staying home. The sealer, when contacted by AnneMarie's parents, is a friend of the family, and did a wonderful job. He very thoughtfully mentioned your grandfather, and how sad he felt for having to be the one to replace him. Up until that moment I was fine but I became very tender, and realized then how much I missed my parents. He had a very similar background to your grandfather, also being a stake president, mission president, temple president and patriarch. He did pronounce our name correctly ;-) Your father's adopted mother Young flew in from Utah, and sat by me in the grandmother chair. Having her husband pass away July made it a poignant moment for her and Jarrod. She was in the right place at the right time for her and us.

Your California aunt was instrumental in helping with your younger siblings, transporting here and there, getting them dressed and beautified, and chasing your busy sister. But in the midst of her and my instructions, Cooper got left at the hotel. Unbelievable. He was very content in the "cousin" room, watching the telly all by himself, and thought he should leave at noon, versus be at the temple by noon. The Bach mobile made the 45 minute each way trek to retrieve the lost brother, and we kept the photographer busy with request after request, not involving our family, until they could get back. Definitely a Home Alone moment. But he'll be in the photos.

Most enjoyable were your sister's comments.  "A wedding isn't very fun because we're only taking pictures." "AnneMarie picked a beautiful castle for her wedding." "Look, Mom! Tanner got his princess. He's kissing her."

After the required snaps and shots, we had a quick lunch, courtesy of Tanner's new in-laws, went back to the hotel for 90 minutes to rest, and then spent the evening at the Tanner home for the reception. The unexpected entertainment of the evening? Tanner diving under AnneMarie's dress for the garter, and retrieving it with his teeth. Just wait for those photos ;-) He used his usual flair when he danced, when he posed for a kiss, when he cut the cake (she smashed it ;-) Your cousins provided funny running commentary the entire weekend. Derek, Greg and Naomi represented the CT family, Sara the MA family, Janeen was our CA connection, and Uncle Ben came to be with me and represent the UT family. I kicked Porter and Cooper into the cousin room, Sawyer and Miller into the Bach suite, and kept Janeen and Ben for our room.

My feet ache, my eyes sting, I have a sore muscle under my left shoulder blade. My veggie consumption is practically nonexistent. My sleep quotient has almost been five hours a night. But it's been wonderful being around family and friends, meeting Tanner's new extended family and friends, and feel of the love they all have for his new Pace family. "Your son is so lucky" was often mentioned to us as I know would have been mentioned to them if they had been on our home turf.

Know how much we missed Tanner's wing man. But we would not want you here. You're where you should be doing what you should be doing. Matt Stone is thrilled you're in his stomping grounds, and will be a weekly food date while you're in Tempe.

We're excited to hear what you've been doing, and where you've been assigned.

Much Love,


P.S. We had smear on our camera, so our photos are fuzzy and cloudy, but the professional ones will be here soon!

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LL said...

I love reading his letters and love YOUR letters to him just as much.
And I LAUGHED when I read you guys had a home alone moment!!!