Monday, September 22, 2014

With All Our Love

Dear Boys,

I miss looking at your cute faces! Please send pictures! I would love to see you together eating, home teaching, at school, working football games…I need to see you!

I went looking for you on Twitter, Hunter, and found a few tweets! “Best part of my job? I can't decide between getting paid to stay on the field for the game, or escorting the players to and from locker room at halftime. I love it! ‪#‎BYUfootball‬‬” Or, “Trying to do calculus homework.....Dave, you did not prepare me!” My favorite? “Didn't plan on sleeping for only 3 hours the first day of classes, but I am still running....barely.” Didn’t hear about that! And of course, “Every night I think it can't be topped, and it happens the next night every time…#IloveBYU!” I would be a bit concerned but you haven’t been on in three weeks, so I assume your priorities are in order…at least we got to talk tonight!

I began the week Monday working on retrieving the remaining bricks, and ended the week with a bad case of some poison ivy / poison oak. Hate this stuff! It’s miserable waking up in the middle of the night scratching. Sure wish we had filled the steroid prescription we had in our pockets for working on Grampy’s wood. This too shall pass! While working on rocks and drainage and leaves and such, I picked up a rock and found a snake! It looked like a small rattler but when we checked inside, it turned out to be an eastern yellowbelly racer, nonpoisonous. The boys, meaning Miller and Sawyer, were scared for me, very endearing. And it was very, very quick! It slithered over into the drainage pipe before we could get a camera.

We cleaned the church Thursday evening. Everyone assigned has to show up at 7 p.m., versus showing up sometime during the week. The lady in charge has had the calling for five or six years, through three bishoprics, and knows what she’s doing. But when we put on our “skates,” and rolled through the building, we had it done in record time. Miller was a master of cleaning all the light switches, Sawyer got the glass, Porter and Cooper manned the big and little vacuums, Breyer and I tackled the kitchen and girls’ bathroom, and Dad finished up the boys’ bathroom and the mopping. 

Not sure what the other three did that were there but I know there was more vacuuming and some dusting. It will be interesting to see how often we’re assigned. We stopped by Braums on the way home, and picked up some delicious peppermint ice cream to take home. Usually Braums is a treat we enjoy when we’re visiting family in Tyler, but now we can enjoy it a bit more often!

Friday the Home Depot crew came and measured the room for carpet. It will be good not to have to worry about stepping on nails! Even though they measured and quoted, we haven’t placed the order yet. Friday was also the day Sis. Kirby arrived for a visit. She drove NINE hours out of the way to see me! Am I worth nine hours of driving? Her trip went from 21 hours to 30 because of her southern detour.  We sat down to talk when she arrived at 1 p.m., and wrapped it up near midnight. We got in a couple of hours in the morning until she had to leave. Breyer sat by her side the whole time. She loves her “candle” (Kindle), and making Phat Photos on her phone. Breyer showed off her princess bed nook, and had help with lots of puzzles. We’re grateful she came.

She is officially visit #2. Miller was with us but all the other boys and Dad were at their first campout. It was held at a ranch owned by one of the fathers. Everywhere Dad tried to set up the tent he ran into a few obstacles. Cow patties, donkey surprises, snake hidey holes, and in the path of nocturnal stampeding horses. Sounds fun! They parked the tent near a tree, figuring it was the best option, and had beautiful weather. Your three brothers added to six other boys for a fun evening.

Their service project in the morning was picking up shot gun shells for the owner. And they learned what they could eat out on the range ;-) As they were driving away, they encountered a drove of donkeys. They came right up to the van window and hee-hawed away. Cooper thoroughly enjoyed their antics, and said if he had a phone, they would be his ring tone ;-) He’s very, very funny!

We had planned on renting a truck and moving pipe Saturday but had to postpone our plans because of the camp out. As I was changing our rental arrangements, and speaking with the recycling company, they found out that the pipes were fracking pipes, and shared some disappointing news. The price per ton goes down two-thirds, as it’s hard to find buyers of pipes that might explode. ??? We’ll have to make sure we get rental insurance!

Your father is in better health. The diverticulitis medicine worked very well.

Last night was priesthood leadership and the adult session of stake conference. Dad took the two older boys. They went from four to nine, together! It was good to have them go. Today in stake conference the mission president gave a good talk. He mentioned the third Article of Faith, “We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.” His emphasis was on the word, ‘all,’ that ALL of us may be saved, and that we’re the only religion that teaches this doctrine. He also said because all of us may be saved, this is the whole reason behind Christ’s visit to the spirit world before his resurrection. In 1 Peter 3:18-19 it says, “For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison.” It was an interesting thought I don’t know if I had quite put together by myself.

The boys are all on instruments playing…very chaotic and loud over here! Cooper’s on his clarinet trying to play a duet with Porter on his trumpet then ukulele. Miller’s on the harmonica, Sawyer’s on the piano, and Breyer was on the recorder until she started stealing everybody’s music. It’s wonderful! I think Cooper and Porter ended up playing hymns together for over an hour, clarinet and trumpet. They did a great job harmonizing together. Cooper told me this week he had try outs for clarinet positions. Out of ten, he was given second chair. Yeah!

I think that's the news fit to print this week. Be studious, creative, humble, obedient. The rest will be a piece of cake. We dearly love you!


P.S. James got his mission call to the California Arcadia mission, but he gets to go to the Mexico City MTC to learn Spanish first! And he is supposed to be at the MTC on December 17th.

P.P.S. Hunter, we got a certificate in the mail stating you were an AP Scholar with Distinction. You knew that, right? Also, Cooper’s going to design the BBQ/fire pit…interested in working with brick in November?


Therese said...

WOW !!!!! I made the blog !!! It's a real honor. I was so glad to get to see you all.

Bachland :) said...

Snakes, I hate snakes!!!! You didn't tell me you had SNAKES in the backyard. Breyer and I will play with the trains inside at Thanksgiving!

MarieC said...

I'm cooking up some dinner plans with all our boys this weekend and will take TONS of photos for ya!!