Monday, September 15, 2014

With All Our Love

Dear Boys,

It was delightful speaking with you both! All of the times ;-) I love looking at your cute faces! I miss seeing them around the house. I miss your laughs, your smiles, your appetites…so grateful you’re coming home for Thanksgiving.

Hunter, saw your clubs in your room. That would irritate me to have to step around those every day, or be your roommate who has to step around those all day. It’s hard to believe you are given no storage! Speaking of golf, all week long Sawyer has asked to go golfing. He knows he’ll get to golf for free, but unfortunately they didn’t hand out the bag tag he needs to do so. And he keeps forgetting! Every day he’d ask me or your father and we had to gently remind him: Not yet! He’s excited to go back to First Tee lessons tomorrow!

Breyer and I spent a lot of time outside this week working in the yard. Sometimes the mornings were overcast, so it was cooler, and by the end of the week it was much cooler – so much easier to be outside! We worked in our little grove of trees out front, trying to clear away vines and overgrowth. 

There is some wild plant with thorns that grows out of the ground, single stalk, and snakes up into the oak trees, wrapping around all the branches. I had to wear thick gloves, saw into the vine at the base, and then pull really hard to get it out of the tree. Sometimes it would snap off up high and I had to leave it, but most times I could pull it out of the tree. The longest vines I pulled were about two of our van lengths. My legs and arms are a mess. I didn’t really feel the scratches until later, and now I’m covered in red lines. Our trash men have been so helpful! First, they had to haul off the previous owner’s mountainous pile of trash, and now my boxes of prickly, scratchy vines.

I wrapped some of the vines around this planter, left them for a few days, then picked it off and dumped it around this ugly green utility cover. Thoughts?

Doesn't this look so much better?

 Our window was fixed! No more holey window in my bedroom! I’m glad. I feel a little safer, and won’t miss the mosquito or two that squeezed through the tape.

We didn’t have any official date night, but we were together for his newly hired faculty reception with the President of Tarleton this week. It was enjoyable to just sit in the car for a half hour and drive without kid noise. A cold front was coming in, so the big Texas sky had lots going on to watch. We also played a little tennis on the front lawn. There were BIG flying beetles that hatched, and would buzz circles in front of the trees. Dad got us each a racket, and we SWUNG! He won, 6-3, and definitely had more bug parts on his strings. We were going to do this for our family home evening activity with the boys, but golf put a smash to those plans ;-)

We spoke of your Dad having diverticulitis again. We would not have gotten through for just $38 on prescriptions if not for your Uncle Brad, his willingness to help, and the fact that he’s practicing in Texas. What a blessing! I don’t understand why we have to wait for sixty days to have access to our insurance, but in this case all is well. He gets better every day, and has lost a few pounds to boot!

While Dad was recuperating home Friday I got to take the kids to school for the first time! I’m glad I don’t have to do that on a daily basis! I’m also thankful they ride the bus home. I agreed to pick them up just because I could that day, since I had the van. While dropping the little boys off at the elementary school, they introduced me to the “Door Daddies.” This is a pretty great idea, actually. The school and PTO were looking for ways to incorporate fathers into volunteer opportunities, and now use them to open the car doors when the kids arrive. Some look like they’re dressed for the office, in a suit and tie, others look like they’ll be crawling back into bed with their sweats and tee, but my favorite are the ones that look like they're headed back to the ranch - cowboy hats and boots!

We fed the missionaries this week for the first time. We had a picnic style dinner on the floor, since we still are without a table and chair. They were good for eating on the floor ;-)

 I spent a most of the day Saturday outside working – beautiful cool prevailed! Mowed the embankment down on the side of the house, and disentangled the left behind dog pen, and stacked it for the metal run. I was chased by a couple of field mice while mowing there. Also got the rest of the yard mowed, except for the rocky hill in the back. Haven’t seen the sprinklers on since the sewer system was fixed – wondering if this is normal, or if we’re operating in abnormal status? The boys went exploring to the copse of trees just off our property line, and found a treasure- a left behind stack of our colored bricks hidden in the long grass around the trees. Cooper came and got me, and we worked together to make a make-shift wagon out of the piano mover and stacked over 700 on the patio. There are still more there, but my arms were toast! Breyer and I will work on it again this week. She was all ready for bed last night, bathed and dressed, and came to my room to beg me to make another brick run. She enjoys riding the mover down to the trees, and helping to stack them.

(The gang inspecting a gecko casualty)

Breyer still looking for adventures ;-)

Sunday afternoon fun!

I’ll tell you what else she enjoys doing. Playing with her underwear! We opened her new box of clothes, size 4, and there were a bunch of underwear inside made by Disney, and all sporting a princess or two. We looked at them, put them on her shelf, and then she was back in there a while later asking if she could play with them. It was hysterical! She does enjoy those girls ;-)

We enjoy you. You always put a smile on our faces. Have a wonderful week. Hold your Schenewark heads up high and remember how much you’re loved.


P.S. Tanner, we tuned into the fireside you were working tonight. The music was great! I played on the floor one time, but DID NOT have my music memorized! Elder Christofferson’s closing line was very fitting for you, and what you’re going through! The cost of your membership in the church might be high, and even require you to sacrifice relationships that are near and dear.

Elder Christofferson spoke of Amish families that joined the church. They are of significance to us. We were in their ward (Hunter, Sawyer, Breyer) while Porter’s summer baseball league was competing in a state tournament. The first family had just been baptized, and the two other families were taking the discussions. The local members were so excited at the prospect of their Amish neighbors joining them in church. Anyway, those pictures of their temple sealings were beautiful.

P.P.S. Be sure to let me know what time you can pick up the Sam’s order – enjoy the fresh fruit and vegetables! Share with Hunter and Eldon as well – they’ve both been very generous.

P.P.P.S. Hunter, we emailed Able regarding Ramona and the missing scholarship money. Also, contacted the bishop about those conference tickets you requested.

P.P.P.P.S. Make sure you boys in the apartment have your own family home evening if no groups have been formed yet. Tanner, help Hunter make kettle corn for snack ;-)


Wholly Duncan said...

Love hearing about your week. Hope your boys are doing well.

MarieC said...

Welcome to the joys of homeownership! That is so cool about the bricks. What will you do with them when they have all been retrieved?

Bachland :) said...

Kettle Corn!!! What time is FHE tonight, if we hurry we might not be too late.