Sunday, June 29, 2014

With All Our Love

Dear Tanner,

I think I'm ready to officially begin your official count down. Time is drawing close! Breyer keeps asking why we can't go to the new house, and I have to keep reminding her that we have to wait for you to come home. She does understand not wanting to be left behind. It's happened to her a few times this week, as well as when I went to girls camp. You will be relieved to know I finished your thank you letter for you ;-) Piece of cake!

The beginning of the week began with a tornado of activity related to buying the house, working with the realtor, talking to the mortgage lender, arranging to rent in between, finding out about utilities and insurance, opening and canceling name it the phone handled it. I felt like it was glued to my head. Escaping to baseball practice at the end of the day was such a relief. No phone! By the end of the week the activity level had dropped considerably. There were a few issues with the roof, that the seller needs to handle, but by tomorrow the 30-45 waiting period to close on the house officially begins. The realtor has been great to work with. Aunt Shirley is also going through the process, and didn't even have to put her house on the market - will be moving shortly to Walpole!

The boys went to Imogene's house again for their weekly Scrabble game. Hunter pulled out the wins this week, with a FEW Scrabbles to boot. She's itching to add you to the fray. 

Summer days bring out the creative beasts in your brother. Cooper has been doing his computerized Lego robotics. 

He also makes a mean nutella strawberry banana sandwich.

Hunter being artistic with his hairy arm ;-)

Cooper erasing Sawyer's freckles off his face!

Porter going neon in his cross country clothes.

Breyer has been potty training all week. She began on Monday, and has not looked back. Even started waking up dry in the morning as well. She's had a few accidents, but gets a diaper on when Dad's in charge. We've had some problems getting shorts on her, as she doesn't want to cover up her Wonder Woman pants (underwear). Too funny. Sometimes she runs around with Miller, and they "train" together. Look what you have to look forward to!

Yesterday, Elder Bednar joined 6 other living apostles with "great pitch"--and threw the inaugural pitch across the mound at Dodger Stadium. An estimated 4,000 Church members were in attendance at last night's Dodger's game. The event, known as "Mormon Night," is the longest-running community event held by the Dodgers, and has gone on for more than 25 years. Bednar joins six other living apostles who have had this same honor. Last year, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland threw the opening pitch.

Yesterday was also Miller's third all star baseball game. He had a win on Tuesday, and a loss on Thursday, which made yesterday's game a make-it or break-it game. They made it. Miller actually changed the 0-2 disadvantage in the third inning by hitting a homerun. Line drive shot right down the right field line. He slid into third, but the throw was delayed, so he got up, ran, collided with the third baseman standing in the base path, got up again, and ran across home with the catcher then getting the ball. He tied the game with his one RBI, and broke open the floodgates for the 10-6 win. That win required them to play the next game, which they also handily won 16-4. Playing a second game in 90 degree weather definitely began to take its toll by the end of the second game, and when Miller fell asleep on the way home I was not surprised. They resume play tomorrow.

(Front row, far right)

Sawyer began his tournament with a home field advantage, but I was not there to watch. On the way home from Rock Hill, and after cell reception was restored we found out the game was tied 4-4 and going into extra innings. We drove straight to his field and found out they had won 6-4. Sawyer's playing center field for Mr. Sowards. He also plays tomorrow night.

Last night Breyer asked Dad to go outside with her and catch fire flies. It's one of his favorite features of West Virginia summers. Growing up in California, and going to school in Utah, he had never seen one until he was on his mission in the pan handle of Florida. He shared in church today that he had fallen asleep, and woke up, with no contacts or glasses on, and saw a bright light above his head. He thought for sure he was having some kind of heavenly manifestation. When he finally was able to put on his glasses, he discovered a small fire fly above his face. Perspective ;-)

Porter is on the tri stake youth committee, and had a little retreat Friday night-Saturday morning in Ashland. He is looking forward to working with you on this event. (**Definitely share your "I dreamed about you," glowing in the hallway, and "we're angels" stories, even though you're talking about preparing for a mission ;-) This is his hat he has to decorate as part of the youth leadership committee.

Porter has also begun his driving portion of drivers education. He is very hesitant about driving with others, perhaps that's something you could do just with him ;-) One Sunday he came home and changed his clothes, into his "driving" clothes, and took Dad out for a spin.

Hunter? Just busy. He comes to me every Sunday evening to let me know his schedule. We have to make sure we have no van conflicts ;-) He helps me with all the driving needs (appointments, library books, store) and I give him have the car. It's a win-win situation. Few lawn appointments, a couple of golf course mornings, having lunch with the's a good life.

Speaking engagements? They're piling up ;-) We'd like you to think about doing a fireside your last Sunday here. You have one when you get home, and then one after the youth conference workshops. Then we're gone. We're thinking of having a pot luck after church, and then you. A chance to talk about your mission, Brazil, customs, people, experiences...we'd like to invite neighbors, friends, classmates, Optimists...kind of like a glorified going away party. Are you up for it? You'll just need to work on your slide show when you come home, but work on the presentation now. Kind of a long version of youth conference ;-) You're great!

Well, I think that's it. We love you! Looking forward to hearing about your crazy week, World Cup action, and such. Stay safe.

Mom and Dad


MarieC said...

Ah, the craziness of an interstate move! I. FEEL. YOUR. PAIN! At least you have found a house! We have that yet to do. Our first shipping container comes tomorrow--I am excited to start getting stuff OUT OF HERE!!

Tanner is going to be one busy and popular guy when he gets home!

And the count as of Sunday is 18 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!

shirlgirl said...

Sounds like a busy time for all of you. Look forward to seeing you in August. I have three boxes (I thought it was two) of records for Hunter.