Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter #70

Dearest Family, 

This week was special and one of the weeks that you feel you reaped more than you sowed, that you were partaking of the fruit you have betimes labored so arduously to plant. My planning/study session on accelerating the work:

We baptized a lady and her two sons this week. They are truly special people. We contacted them last week on our way to the church. Elder Arnaud and I were rounding the corner to turn the street when the Spirit did one of his "oh know you don't" promptings and we did a double back and invited her to church. She responded that she had already gone a couple of times but had recently separated from her husband and moved to our area of the city. She hadn't been baptized because her former husband had not been supportive. Later in the week she would tell us that in that exact moment as she leaned against the wall she was praying to our Father to show her the truth. The day before in work she had heard so many different and confusing things as others talked about their churches that she had left also feeling confused and a little bit lost in the world. What a special moment it was to present the truth to this lovely daughter of God. She has, on her own, changed many of her habits and lifestyles and is an avid reader now of the Book of Mormon. 

Interesting note: Brasil has changed the size of their currency in accordance with its respective value, e.g. 2$ very small, 5$ a little bigger etc. I got ahold of two notes this week and thought you'd find it interesting. It's to stop counterfeiters who wash the paper and print false notes.

Also special this week was an interview I did on Saturday with another lady. She is an ex Buddhist from a Catholic family turning very literally against a tide of opinions to come into the church. She wasn't ready this week but will be on Saturday. What was cool was helping her recognize all the very real spiritual proofs she had that these things are true, how she has felt etc. And just as we were terminating the interview I responded to one more question she had. In the middle of my talking she asked me to stop, startled and said, "Wow, I don't believe it. You just answered another doubt of mine that I hadn't told you. The one that was really bothering me most." I admit I was rather stunned. But the spirit was strong and I felt that greatest of joys, to be an instrument in His hands. The missionaries teaching her related that Sunday when she went one last time to her Buddhist congregation she left early, came home and said, "Yep, I don't feel anything like I do when I go to the LDS church." : )

These stories are sporadic but I felt they're better than just planner notes : ) Sunday was capped off with a confirmation, playing the piano, a man showing up to church who we had never seen, a full sacrament meeting, playing for the stake women's choir, and the zone baptizing eight. We were so tired we fell asleep with the light on : ) The real treat was a quick meeting that we had at the Bishop's house where we watched three quick videos on hastening the work with him. The spirit BURNED, in that room, and his vision was enlarged and our hearts were softened towards what sometimes becomes the eternal fight for member support. We are now as one moving towards Zion here.

This week we will listen to Elder Csta and though it will be quick I'm excited as I expect many changes will happen. Elder Arnaud continues to be excellent. No Thanksgiving here. . .I did get Aunt Janel´s package and I might have eaten all of it because it was irresistible : )

I love you, I love this gospel, and my Savior, Jesus Christ, for whom and by whose side I strive to bring the world His truth,



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MarieC said...

I can't wait to hear about the meeting with Elder Costa! What a wonderful week Tanner had. :-)