Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter #67

Dear Family,

It has been quite the week, one that gives back in small ways and good feelings. I really feel that it's going to be a great week this week and that's a nice way to feel on a Monday.

Well, this week we had quite the time running after less actives and lots of sun, although yesterday it rained. We didn't have anyone go to church with us, which was hard but when we got there we had a new family that a member had brought and they're going to get baptized. Also, one of Elder Carrel's recent converts showed up in a white shirt and tie and was interviewed for the Priesthood. I played the piano for the second week in the ward but didn't teach the gospel principle class.

After lunch Sunday we headed to another area to interview a lady that I interviewed last week but that hadn't gone to church. This time, when she walked in the room saying she wasn't going to be baptized on that day, we just sat and talked and I wouldn't start the interview until she committed to letting God decide if she was prepared or not. It was a good experience and she was baptized with a lot of support from the ward and even cake and cookies. You bet we stuck around for those : )

I think the highlight of all the week was finding out some fruits of my labors Sunday night. Two people I contacted in the street in Ourinhos went to church and have dates to be baptized and also a girl that I contacted in Marilia center went to church, brought a friend, and has a date set for Saturday. It feels good to help the other elders even if most of the time it means sacrificing what would be worldly accomplishments in your own area.

This week is the last week of the transfer. I'm pretty sure I'm staying as the Carrelster is heading home, (He's excited out of his mind, of course). I'm excited for a five week transfer before Christmas. We got lots of references from the church's site and those will be fun to contact as well, something I've never really done.

Elder Carrell's been great. I'll miss this guy. He always makes sure I'm well fed and every day you just never know what type of craziness he will pull, but you know it will make you smile : )

No birthday package yet, but no matter, when it comes it will bring joy. This week I felt a profound love for the gospel, something more than I've ever felt. I loved telling people that they could be clean and begin their lives again. I will do the same this week. Please, all that read this, work with and trust in your full time missionaries. They don't know everything, but they were called by a prophet of God to teach His purposes unto His children. They will bring the message He has unto their hearts and then you will help them accept it.

I love you!! Have a good week and eat cake for me : )




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MarieC said...

I feel like I say this every week, but my Missionary Mail Monday is not complete until I read Tanner's letter. It is always so upbeat and positive. He seems to know just what to do to reassure his investigators who are wavering. I loved all the pictures again this week, too!