Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Fall Moment


shirlgirl said...

Some of your pictures are foggy. Was it foggy out? Looks like the children are enjoying the leaves. I just raked 5 bags of leaves from the street yesterday and it took me two hours. Came in and took two Advil. I still have my back yard and side yards to do. The street was covered at this end, and I needed to get rid of them. Dogs have been doing their business in them and the owners not picking it up. Found two messes yesterday in the process. Not a fun thing to come across. My neighbors across the street are so lazy they never do anything in their yard or the street. Unbelievable. I'm older than the whole lot of them at this end with the exception of a neighbor two doors down, and his son who lives in the house does nothing either. Just rides around in his Mercedes.

CubSctAnn said...

Hi Aunt Shirley, I feel your Pain! Since Bro. Bach has had his bout with Bells Palsy, I've hired a mower to come in with his 6-bladed riding mulching mower and all the leaves 'disappear' like magic! No bags, no raking! The Schenewarks are blessed with sons to help with raking leaves and make a big pile for the wee ones to play in before the leaves are bagged. In your case if the kids aren't nearby, I'd call the EQP and ask for help! He'll send over some boy scouts who need to work on service hours! :) That last picture with Breyer and Miller is a GEM! Love you all, Sis. B <3 <3 <3