Monday, August 7, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Boys,

Having Hunter home is wonderful. He's become his younger siblings favorite toy. Miller and Sawyer are begging all day long, working, doing chores, anything Hunter wants, they'll do. All to go on the greens at the end of the day in the balmy 95 degrees.

What a wonderful day.

Your father bore a powerful testimony. His statement that he would not allow his sons to go to Brazil, except he knows they're doing the work of the Lord. That his testimony that he knows the church is true, enough that he is more able to empathize with Abraham being able to sacrifice Isaac.

Porter being set apart as a missionary, and as of then, becoming Elder Schenewark, was a sweet, sweet experience. President Harmer blessed him with the gift of tongues, that he might learn the language of the Lord. He mentioned the mantle of responsibility he'd be carrying, and his unique relationship he'd have with his mission president.

Even before we arrived, he turned around and handed me his cell phone. He's done. He had thought of this before me, and was ready.

When he spent some time making phone calls, the one call he had to make first was to his brother who's out of the house.

We'll be spending a bit of time within the next 24 hours packing Porter's suitcases. We've just gathered and collected all summer. We'll find out very quickly if we're missed anything, as he'll be leaving just after lunch tomorrow.

I had to comfort Breyer as she went to bed, as she remembered Porter was leaving. And cried herself to sleep. Truly having a son gone for two years seems unbearable. But then I remember it's their choice to go. And serve. Learn, grow, become. And I can wait.



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