Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Game for Golf

What should have been a straight forward par 5 was turning into trouble.  From 175 yards, my ball hooked right into a pond. my approach from there hit in front of the flag, but took a hard bounce and finished 18 feet past.
Sawyer was having his own troubles, and Miller was gunning for a par. I turned to him, ''Miller, if I make this putt, I get to name your first kid.''
''No way!!! It's not that hard of a putt!'' "Okay, then what do I get?'' ''You can decide the middle name.'' Thinking to myself, what a bargain! I lined up putt, hit it exactly how I wanted to, and was overly dismayed to not see it break at all, but go dead straight, and three inches to the left of the cup. Next time Mill-dog.

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