Thursday, January 21, 2016

Finding Family in Fort Collins

"The highlight this week was definitely the surprise visit from Tanner and AnneMarie...This was our first chance to meet AnneMarie, and we can confirm what Tanner et al. already knew: she’s wonderful. 

"Their visit was book-ended by harrowing trips through the wasteland that is Wyoming. Apparently it was snowing during both journeys; on the first, they skidded off the highway and into a snow drift, and on the second, they blew out a tire. Much sacrifice for a visit to Fort Collins, and we’re grateful. They spent Friday in Denver, first at the temple doing some sealing work and then on a Brown-Sign swing through the state capitol and other local landmarks

"Saturday and Sunday night we geeked out on games, introducing AnneMarie to Quiddler, Skull, and Hannabi. The Schenewarks played board games and wrestled with our children, and we’re so grateful for the time they invested; I know that our children will remember their visit for years and years to come. Tanner joined me Friday morning and Monday morning for basketball, and that was a blast, but my favorite part of the visit came on Sunday, when Alana taught Gospel Doctrine asked us to sing, To put my arm around Tanner and sing a duet in harmony with him was a sweet experience and a tender moment of closeness. I’m grateful to Alana for her inspired invitation and the memory I’ll take with me. 


Bachland :) said...

Tanner looks GOOD holding a baby!

The Renaissance Man said...

^^^ :)

shirlgirl said...

Sorry about the mishaps, but at least they arrived safely. I hope their trip back home was uneventful. Love all the pictures.