Sunday, September 13, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, and Tanner:

Dad and I were reminiscing about the 1980 Olympic hockey team. They were all considered amateurs and collegiate players, and were playing professionals, the most important and hardest win against the Soviet Union national team. This U.S. team was called the miracle team, as the day before the match, columnist Dave Anderson wrote in the New York Times, "Unless the ice melts, or unless the United States team or another team performs a miracle, the Russians are expected to easily win the Olympic gold medal for the sixth time in the last seven Olympic tournaments."

The U.S. and Soviet teams prepared for the medal round in different ways. The Soviet coach rested most of his best players, preferring to let them study plays rather than actually skate. The U.S. coach continued with his tough, confrontational style, skating hard practices and berating his players for perceived weaknesses and to build stamina, his goal to have his team be able to keep up with the Soviets through all three periods.

As missionaries you too are amateurs. You have no degree or formal training, as ministers, pastors, clergy, and priests have. And you're not paid. And you don't rest. And you have and will perform miracles.

What a beautiful week in Texas. Anytime it's below 90 it feels so cool and spring like! Perhaps our weather has turned, and beautiful fall weather will be here for us to enjoy. Unfortunately it won't be this week. We'll be back up to 97 degrees, but I'm convinced it's on the way. I mowed for a long time Friday morning, and although the grass was very wet with dew, and I had to raise the lawn mower level to prevent clogging and stalling, it wasn't hot! What else in yard work, since it's such an exciting topic? I've been having Cooper go out every day and help me cut branches off our trees that desperately need to be trimmed. When I'm mowing the grass under and near the trees I get attacked by prickly branches that need to go! Were the hummingbirds in town when you were here? We love watching for them, and will be sad when they migrate farther south for the winter.

Sawyer had the activity portion of our Family Home Evening last Monday, and spent a good portion of his Labor Day making a Jeopardy game tailored just for us. These were the categories: Baseball, Princesses, Random Reality, and Popular Mechanics. I've enclosed a sample question from each of his categories for you to answer:

Baseball: $400 In Sandlot the dog’s name was what?

Princess: $800 This is what Ariel combs her hair with.

Random Reality: $800 This ship has a monument so you can look under water to see it.

Popular Mechanics: $400 Humans have made a solar powered plane. True or False

(Hercules, fork, Arizona, true)

We heard through the Facebook vine this week that Coach Wilgus passed away Wednesday. Did you copy his address in your address book? If not, and you'd like to send a little note, it's listed below. He was a great man, loved you dearly, and impressed us with his interest in and care for you.

What else in the news? All Nippon Airways has a new ANA jet modeled after Star Wars' R2D2.

This week marked the 14th year since 9/11/2001. Your father used my account to post our twin towers picture from July 2001.

Over 350,000 refugees have crossed the Mediterranean in 2015, many on dangerously overcrowded boats with leaks and faulty motors; through extreme weather and total darkness; and under the threat of mysterious masked gunmen that appear to be targeting Syrian refugees fleeing war in their homeland.

Mountains of life jackets shed by refugees after making it to the Greek island of Lesvos. 

Syrians run after entering Hungary from Serbia through a barbed wire fence near Roszke,

Ending the news portion on good news, after the last two weekend wins, BYU is now 1 of 4 new teams in the Top 25.

News with your family? Porter played in this week's football game, finally! Eight or nine plays. Fun to see him on the field. Maybe next week they'll actually pass him the ball ;-) He also took his first ACT test. He acted like it was a piece of cake. It will be fun to see his scores.

Breyer's still playing with her little frogs. This week they went with her into a little baby swimming pool that was given to  us, I should write down more examples, but I'm convinced she has description dyslexia. I just made that up. She says things like, "Can I get a drink out of the waterfall?" instead of water fountain. Everyday she wants to know, because of the Dr. Seuss book, if it's Wacky Wednesday. And when it is, she spends the whole day trying to find wacky things. Marvelous Monday and Fabulous Friday just don't do it for her.

Monday being Labor Day means to honor the holiday you should labor. I wanted to mow but it wouldn't work. I googled "lawnmower won't start," watched a video on cleaning the carburetor, and proceeded to do just that. Dad and I had a marvelous Monday learning how to take apart and put together the lawn mower, dousing parts in WD-40, cleaning parts with wire, tweaking and twisting, and we got it all back together and it still didn't work. Even though I had changed the spark plug, filter and oil in July, Dad bought a new spark plug and that did it. Mowing an acre with a handheld is a lot of mowing, but we're getting better at taking care of the mower! We had so much fun you could have called it a date ;-)

Thursday seems to be our busy day of the week. Cooper plays his tennis meets then, and won singles AND doubles this week, 6-0. Porter's team dinner was down on the waterfront. Miller had baseball practice, and Cub Scouts is on Thursday as well. Dad had to do it all by himself. I was away in Burleson for some training, and couldn't help last week or this week. So, because he was running hither and thither he didn't have much time for pictures. We have yet to capture or even see Cooper play tennis. We just have to believe him when he says he won.

Last night Dad and I went to the adult session of stake conference down in the Weatherford stake center. I love going. And I like making your father laugh. And laughing with him. I just wish my bottom didn't get so sore from sitting so long!

Have a wonderful week. Know how much we love you!



P.S. Hunter, your Kindle clue for your password, is "Four elements." Any idea?

P.P.S. The stake is making a missionary plaque for the stake center and wanted to know your favorite scripture.

P.P.P.S. Wilgus, 262 Township Road 1107, Proctorville, OH 45669

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