Sunday, September 6, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark (and  Tanner),

Your first letter home was great! Very informative. We looked up Elder  Pyne's Richardson, Texas and found it is ninety minutes northeast of Dallas.Elder Smith's Poth, Texas is south of San Antonio, and almost five hours away from Granbury. With Elder Johnson living in Houstin, you realistically could go to three homecoming talks in two years!

By the way, there are people who would like to write Elder Johnson, but we need his specific address, even to use

Also, I sent your photos to the Oviatt, as well as your letter. We're now facebook friends ;-)

Elder Fairchild is new to the Granbury ward, from Henderson, NV and knows our new AnneMarie and her family...such a small world in the world of missionaries!

I had a few suggestions for pictures this week. One of you and Elder Johnson. It's always nice to share with other mothers. Also, stand on the chair in the cafeteria, and get a full room view. One at the world map wall would be fun as well.

And, one item of business, just wanting to make sure you got a bottom bunk. No need for a sleep walking elder to be on the top bunk!

Last Thursday I did not mention I had taken Miller roller skating, the opening activity for cub scouts. It was very fun. Until there was a pile-up on aisle nine involving a few Tiger scouts, and as I was maneuvering my way around them I was taken out by Wolf scouts also swerving. I fell hard, used my hands to catch my fall, and broke a little bone in the right wrist - the hamate. I waited until Monday to go to the doctors, Tuesday was another x-ray. I have a removable cast, so life's good. I can wash dishes and shower. Unbelievable.

Cooper  had his second tennis meet on Thursday, was up 7-2, and ran out of steam. Literally. Playing in 100 degree sun, with his not-so-effective cooling system, he passed on the win 8-7. We'll be trying some Gatorade next week. When he saw Breyer with her appropriate purple colored pom pom, he gave us the lecture: "Mom, you have to be quiet. Like golf. No cheering." What? Did he think we were going to cheer or something?

(This is Cooper's banana spider made with a toothpick. He is forever creating!)

Thursday Miller and Sawyer had baseball try-outs. Love watching them play. They always show up dressed very sharp in their old all-star uniforms, and draw a crowd.

Friday Porter had his first away football game, in Denton. He left school early, was given two boxes of Chicken Express dinners. He also had his large "grid iron girl" basket he was given in school. After the game they were given What-a-burgers and fries. He's loving game days. Thursday evenings is their team dinner and this week they ate at Stumps. Aunt Jenny has had one of their burgers, yum! They lost again, but he's loving football life, and he still looks good.

Saturday I took your two youngest brothers, Sawyer and Miller, to your golf course, and bought them a large bucket of balls. They also collected enough balls on the ground before they began to equal a medium bucket, so they drove a lot of balls. They ended by chipping and putting on the green. And it was only 96 degrees ;-)

But we found this car, or what's left of it, parked in your favorite spot. The hoses were being rolled up when we drove by. Not much left!

Grampy received permission to perform the sealing in the Vegas temple. He also had to file with the state a request to be authorized to perform marriages in Nevada. We're just wondering if it's a one wedding, one day or one year license ;-)

I read this quote in this month's Ensign magazine that made me think of your grandmother and her garden:

"Most of us are good people. We obey the commandments as faithfully as we can. Yet sometimes, while we're doing the right things, we let our guard down and allow some tiny seed of evil to slip into our lives. Satan finds clever ways to make these things seem acceptable, giving deadly sins attractive guises. He convinces us to ignore these sins as they spread. We can't sit idly by while some evil grasps hold of us and takes root in our lives. We must not think it is just a little thought or a small act. We must be ever watchful of such invaders of our peace and happiness and protect the security of our family."

Just having you as our missionary helps us prevent the spread of little sins in our lives. You make those little thoughts or small acts easier to keep away. Bringing this blessing of protection into the lives of your family is wonderful.

We love you both dearly!



P.S. Let me know if you need the adapter kit we purchased for Tanner, we found it in the library closet.

P.P.S. Let me know if you need me to mail you a camera cord.

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