Thursday, February 2, 2012


In the midst of creating solar systems,

and talking about moon phases,

the cub scouts had a special visitor!

Hunter shared his astronomical skills on the telescope...
And the moon cooperated!


Bachland :) said...

That looks like Heir Professor Doctor Schenewark Ph.D, also known as Mr. President lecturing the little Cubs.

Good job Hunter

Jenny said...

I love it~!
(and i bet they loved HIM)

shirlgirl said...

I'll bet those scouts were so excited and couldn't wait to tell their parents about their experience. Way to go, Hunter.

Duncan Chaos said...

He looks like he belongs up there passing his knowledge down to those young cubs.

CubSctAnn said...

Haha, Bro B meant "Herr" Professor Doctor...! Guess I need to keep giving him German lessons(?) what a riot and Hunter's wearing SHORTS in the middle of winter?! We've had a wee bit of the same warmer weather here too in central Mass. Keep up the good work Hun and remember to smile as you enjoy your hobbies :)