Friday, July 29, 2011

Higgins Armory

This armory full of knights and swords and jousting horses is a must see, especially for boys!

The castle made of steel and glass makes for a perfect medeival atmosphere.

This good looking group heard about "get in free" day, and were one of the first in line.

If you can't get to the knights, they come to you.

And they let you be the knight!

Authentic chain mail

Just one sample of the beautiful windows

Ancient hardware

Porter's choice of dress

Cooper and Mason enjoying the views.

These two boys were inseparable!

What a face!

Hands-on table

Enjoying a private joke

Recycling in the 1500's - armor hammered into a key lock for a door

The kids room was a nice reprieve from all the "don't touch" signs

A group effort to build a castle

One of my favorite scenes

No matter what he's behind, the face is always worth preserving

The group in a classroom demonstration

Porter chosen to assist

Saying good byes to the knights


Alana said...

For some reason, you left out the part about my kids having a tantrum. They missed out big time but they loved the game room. Maybe in a few more years.

CubSctAnn said...

What a Wonderful Adventure and Free to boot! Bro B's nephew from Norway had one word for this wonderful place: ***CHARMING***
Love and Miss you all :)

Janeen said...

Lots of great pictures. I hope that we can one day get out that way. We will need Mr. Brown Sign to be our guide.

Duncan Chaos said...

Looks like a great place! I know one boy who would enjoy!

shirlgirl said...

You always seem to have great fun with your children.

Jenny said...

BEST museum for kids!