Monday, October 27, 2014

With All Our Love

Dear Thing 1 and Thing 2,

Halloween is quickly approaching, and the drooling for candy has begun, the anticipation of candy collecting is climbing frantically towards the top, and the thrill of wearing costumes to get candy is making your siblings a quiver. Here is a small preview of better things to come ;-)

I came upon a thought I think you might enjoy: Sveater Vest Vednesday. Please do, and send photos! I'm sure Porter will join you in this weekly tradition yet to be! You'd be a smashing duo of fashion and intelligence.

Your father has been playing Yahtzee with some of the boys today. He came smiling into the room, and said, "We should have named Sawyer something different. Tanner, Hunter, Porter, Cooper, Yahtzee! He's too funny. Sawyer loves that game. He also said instead of Tanner, he should have been Uno, and Porter TriDominoes, Miller Quirkle, and Breyer Taboo ;-) Too bad we don't have any that would qualify for Phase Ten.

I've been reading a few things in the news that caught my eye recently. The first was that the Church through its humanitarian arm, LDS Charities, sent food and other emergency supplies to more than 1,500 Latter-day Saint families and others in Sierra Leone during the recent state of emergency — "The Ebola-virus outbreak, which has claimed the lives of 500 citizens, including two members of the Church. LDS Charities provided rice, cooking oil, hygiene supplies and chlorine to families. The supplies arrived during a government-mandated lock down."

Also, in the New York Times I learned that heavier babies are smarter. "New data suggest that the thresholds to maximize a child’s health seem to be higher. Seven-pound babies appear to be healthier than six-pound babies — and to fare better in school as they age. The same goes for eight-pound babies compared with seven-pound babies, and nine-pound babies compared with eight-pound babies. Weight, of course, may partly be an indicator of broader fetal health, but it seems to be a meaningful one: The chunkier the baby, the better it does on average, all the way up to almost 10 pounds."

And, in Science Alert, I learned that because of their unique compound eyes, the mantis shrimp can see cancer and the activity of our neurons. Now this technology is being put into smart phones so people can scan themselves to see if they have any form of cancer. How cool is that?

While we were stopping by the library, Dad got stopped by an enthusiastic Friends of the Granbury Library member, who proceeded to tell him our downtown square use to have FOURTEEN saloons! Can you imagine? That's almost every building!

By now you might have heard Dad picked up a hybrid of a car, Toyota Prius. He's tired of driving the 12 passenger beast 37 miles each way, spending close to $600 a month in gas. So he figured a small car payment, 45 MPH and an insurance payment would come in cheaper, perhaps by $200. It's a light gold, 2008, with 101K miles. He hasn't stopped driving ;-) Now I've got wheels, except it's been so long I forget the van's sitting outside the front door.

Here are some photos to recap the week:

Miller and Sawyer had their first pack was pretty boring for them as they haven't been there long enough to earn anything. But, Miller got up and participated in the Wolf skit, which is great for him.

Having my own set of wheels means I can take the kids to the park on a Friday after school. So I did. Breyer was very grateful to get out of the house!

Dad took Breyer to a Halloween food craft class at the HEB grocery store down the road. She made some spooky smiles, one with peanut butter and one with caramel. How fun for her to go on a date.

Dad wanted Sawyer to build a fishing pole holder out of the wood left behind by the previous owner. He put it together all by himself. We just have to anchor it to a wall.

We love you boys. Love to laugh with you! Be good, be safe, be brothers.



MarieC said...

Your babies must have all been BIG to be so smart! :-) what a fun statistic.

Wholly Duncan said...

Funny about the baby weight article. I'll have to think about it though, mine go from 5 to 10 pounds! Love your weekly updates still.

Bachland :) said...

Fishing, golf, fun and good friends. We can't wait to invade Texas!

shirlgirl said...

Great letter as usual and wonderful pictures.