Friday, August 1, 2014

Garage Sale Must Knows ;-)

Signs are great, but a shirt on a hanger at the end of the street, is the best way to catch attention. 

LOTS of cups to play with keeps kids distracted from their toys being sold

If the weather allows, begin on Friday evening: Makes Saturday morning so much easier!

Bag clothes by size and sex (don't open) - then no one has to dig through clothes, and clean up is easy!

Once you have everything out that you're willing to sell - don't bring it back in!

Don't put on prices - let them ask, and come in low. Remember, nothing comes back inside!

Sell nothing below a dollar. Throw in an item or two to even things up.

Keep lots of small bills on hand to make change easy, and let your kids help with the money.


Bachland :) said...

How much for the cute one's with the big smailes. I'll take them all!

MarieC said...

Sounds like a good sale!! I like the "nothing below $1" rule.

Jennifer Whitcomb said...

You're a GENIUS.
How'd it go?