Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Letter #91

Dearest Family,

How was your week sharing the gospel? I'm glad to be back here after a full week. I admit that it's daunting now to write in English, just a little bit. Please do continue to write on Sunday night because there is actually sometimes a chance that we have our p-day on Monday : ) I have received 3 or 4 of your letters and have a letter to send this week. They make my day every time!
Last week, and the beginning of this week have been special. Thursday, and Friday were pretty routine, working to find new investigators and bring people to church. Thursday we conducted pre-interviews with six individuals and friday we held the actual interviews for both of them. They both passed with flying colors : ) One man left the room speaking of how the spirit had touched his heart again that all these things were true, how before in his life he had been disobedient but now he was determined to be obedient. He was penitent and clearly seeing the future remission of his sins with joy. Friday was also a national holiday as well as Monday and was marked by everything being closed and the buses only passing every two hours. We spent all morning calling the whole ward to come to the baptism, Saturday night and bring something small to eat and share with the others. 

Saturday, despite a thunderous storm, we had a good turnout and the night's rainy blackness was lit up by the light shining within the chapel. Two parents were baptized by their oldest son, his first time as a newly ordained priest and made sacred covenants with their Heavenly Father to always keep His commandments that they might ever have His Spirit to be with them. The members also braced the rains and the night was enjoyed by all.

Sunday we brought seven to church, some more willing than others, but all in the end left happy with the decision to have gone and felt the Easter Spirit. The members rained chocolate on us. It's going to take awhile to get through all of it. 

Our special Easter week finished with a special gift to President who had his birthday on Saturday and to Christ, whom we serve, of 32 baptisms. The highest total since the new rules and regulations were put into place. 

Monday was office meetings and office work, in preparation for transfers next week. We had a good end of trimester chat with President and Sister about the progress of the mission and their progress. We assured them that they are wonderful : )

Yesterday we had a special bi-zone conference instead of the usual district meetings because President Genaro's parents were in town. We listened to special messages from them and sang enthusiastic hymns, had lunch together and some of that strawberry nutella ice cream. I loved Brother Genaro's talk on how we are to give help as missionaries, and not ask it of the members. Of course the work goes on so much more fluidly when they do help and are engaged. He now serves as Patriach, like grampy : )

Directly after the meetings we sped off to the center of Cambé to mark the marriage of two individuals. We have been teaching them for some time, nearly since I've been here. They've progressed well, gone to church unfailingly for the last two months and now finally have decided to be married and subsequently baptized:! We had to to go to the cartório to mark the date of the marriage with all the documents etc, and I had the special privilege of signing my name as one of the witnesses. It was cool : ) Even more cool was that their testimonies have grown and they've grown in faith as they have begun to walk the path our Savior denoted. They will be baptized and married on May 10th, in two weeks. 

That's the latest! One of my fellow missionaries was kind enough to remind me that beginning this week I only have 12 weeks left. . . incredible. That's funny for missionaries because the first 12 weeks are the weeks you are being trained. President commented in our meeting Monday that this is my time to train the mission. 12 weeks to train the mission! : ) This is good. I hope you are well, and excited. I hope Easter was marvelous, or Passover as I'm going to refer to it now. Páscoa in Portuguese. Surely He lives and we shall as well. That our light may shine to all those around us, that they may feel of our love and the Spirit with which we were endowed,


P.S. : )

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MarieC said...

12 weeks! I just figured that out, too, as I counted on the calendar how many more letters we will be getting from the field. It hardly seems possible. In a way, I am sure these 12 weeks will fly, but in other ways, I am sure they will C-R-A-W-L!!