Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friends Forever

Dear Tanner, 

Found these pictures on Facebook - love Sis. Genaro for taking pictures and posting them! I'm sure welcoming the newest batch of missionaries into your mission is one of the highlights of the six week cycle!

I noticed your arm around the elder in the airport picture...

And saw you together in this picture...

(Are you always this happy around food? ;-)

I just wanted to let you know I had been in touch with his mother. She had some questions online, and I was prepared to ask them in this week's letter. But seeing as he seems to be front and center in your life arrival day, let me share a sweet tender mercy. His mother is best friends with someone I grew up with in the Worcester Ward. I found out by sending her a Facebook friend request, and saw we had one friend in common! And this mutual friend is the mother of the missionary who died in a bicycle-car accident in California, his first month there. They talk together everyday. I'm so glad my friend who has such difficult trials has such a good friend. Make her son one of yours. His best friend is gone.



P.S. The Elder's mother wrote back and said, "I figured your son had to be an assistant to the president if he was picking up my son. He is very handsome. I will definitely send the message to Maggie. She is an amazing person. I was with her through her husband's death and was there at her house when she got the call her son had passed away. I can tell you losing him was more than I thought she could handle. There are days we sit and both cry still. You'll have to let your son know the connection between the boys. My son actually brought a Book of Mormon with him that has his friend's picture in it. He was like a son and brother to our family. He spent so much time in our home. My son still sometimes struggles with the death of his friend but is doing amazingly well. I am so excited that our sons will get to know each other. I have relaxed a lot since I talked to you and can see how wonderful the mission president and his wife are."


MarieC said...

I TOTALLY love Facebook for this very reason! And let me just say that I am still jealous that you get to see your missionary in so many of the pictures posted by Sis. Genaro. ;-)

shirlgirl said...

Tanner has a gazillion friends, and I am sure that each one is special. He just has that way about him.

CubSctAnn said...

Bittersweet, brought tears to my eyes. Anyone we might know in Worc?

shirlgirl said...

I love your new picture on your blog! So sad about the woman who lost her husband and then her son--so tragic. She certainly has great support from what I can gather.

Jo Jo said...'s been gone a long time.
@Shirley...If I had a "like" button, I would have hit it...thanks for YOUR support!