Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boy Scout Camp

Boy Scout Summary by Hunter:

"Last week was scout camp week. That means half the family ate generally edible food and stayed up late due to many teenage boys, while the other half stayed up late to finish ice cream and movies. Dad, Porter, and Cooper braved the elements and other scouts, and Mom, Hunter, Sawyer, Milller, and Breyer stayed home and fed the fish. And themselves. Definitely one of my favorite weeks of the year. Mostly quiet, cleaner and a nice summer break, although I could tell Sawyer is ten and needs to go next year.

For Dad, this was his fifteenth or something summer camp, and perhaps the most exciting. The week brought storms that shut down the pool, making scuba diving something of a challenge, the scout master was sent to the emergency room, five boys went home early, and an unexpected overnight stay by one of the scout's mother, and sister -- in camp! Nevertheless, they arrived home Saturday with all limbs intact. Cooper earned seven merit badges and Porter earned four. What a week!" Introducing, Camp Friedlander, near Cincinnati, Ohio!


Smilin' sunshine said...

What a fun scout camp that looks like!!

shirlgirl said...

Wow! Looks like they enjoyed so many activities and had a fun time.