Monday, October 28, 2013

Letter #66

Dear Family, 

So, I'm here in Ourinhos again after leaving the house this morning at 6:45 a.m. and making a mad dash to the rodoviaria (bus station) followed by a three hour bumpy cruise through all of the surrounding and adjacent towns to Marília on our way here. 

We came to watch the district meeting and also do an interview, and also because let's face it, it's just plain fun down here with Elders Haws and Halpin.

I've yet to iron my shirt but I'll get on that soon : ) Here's some of the cities I passed through before falling asleep : ) Leperpicio, Novo Colombia Ocauçu and Campos Novo Paulista. Due to the Cathloic upbringings, every town generally has two things: a large fiberglass patron saint statue and a Catholic church in the center of the town. We saw St. John to St. Ignatius today and then some.

This week saw us all around again in the zone, and not so much in our area, though we taught one young man and his family, presenting a present of a cactus to him as he is a gardening master and Elder Carrell is from Arizona. 

(flame street juggler)

(bird droppings!)

We attended district meeting with Elder Carneiro and he did a really splendid job of bringing the house down with his training on obedience. As a result, I believe, his district baptized 2 this week. Our mission also this week broke its single week record for baptisms with 56.

We also baptized two great guys, one 18 and one almost 19. One was a contact in the street 2 weeks ago in a division. We went back to that area after the other elders failed to follow up with him and he was ready and was baptized Saturday. a future missionary for sure. 

The other has been looking into the church for the last nine years but moved here recently. He's got his own interior design business and already marked to marry in the temple in Campinas in one year : ) All in all it was good week!

Next week we'll be in Londrina for the leaders counsel. Talked with Elder Bennett this morning and it was good to hear his voice. 

(playing "I'm tidy" on his companion ;-)

Alright, this is shorter but I hope I took lots of pictures, and I promise that my journal is being filled up and with more details that are here : ) I do need help with BYU and I need to decide if I'm going back fall or winter and then I'll proceed, but I need my SSN and maybe the password information that I left with you and maybe you could do some research on deadlines for me on applications and FAFSA. It should be pretty quick though.




MarieC said...

Hmmmm, now Tanner is having the Fall-or-Winter debate. My vote is Fall for both our missionaries.

I loved all his pictures. It must have been "picture week" in the Brazil Londrina mission!!

They are such baptizing machines lately. Wonderful, wonderful!

Wholly Duncan said...

Great letter as usual. He looks so happy. I received the journals yesterday and will be sending him one soon!