Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All Male Cake Bake

Sawyer liked the idea of cake in ice cream cones, as his carrots were a fitting tribute to his bunny that past away last month. "A Rabbit's Dream."
Some of the other cub scouts' cakes:

The Princess waited VERY patiently for a piece...any piece!

Much to our surprise, Cooper was awarded a plaque for his Arrow Light Award he earned two years ago.

He finished Webelos in one year, and they were only ready for those who graduated after two years of Webelos.

Sawyer was awarded the Scouts' Choice, picked by the Boy Scout troop that judged all the cakes!

That is JUST what the doctor ordered!

And since there were only four, he HAD to have a piece!


Aaron H. said...

Love the iCake!

MarieC said...

After my weekend purchase, I'm quite partial to the iCake, too. Was this a cake auction? Our Cubs are doing a spaghetti dinner and cake auction this weekend to raise money for Cub Camp.

Bachland :) said...

I love all those cakes, how cute!

Duncan Chaos said...

YUM! Makes me want cake!

shirlgirl said...

All of those cakes are awesome!! The icake is amazing. Congratulations Sawyer on winning the Scouts Choice!!

Jenny said...

I love that BOYS decorate cakes.

CubSctAnn said...

Super cub Cakes! I get dibs on the 3rd camping cake pictured, some great idea/s there for my Gingerbread house in 6 months, woohoo! I'm stealing that cub's ideas, or at least his Mom's hehe